Robyn: He’s coming here?
Logi: Well, not here here. Probably somewhere out in Noah, if you know that place.
Rachel’: Well, great, can you get us there?
Demos: We came here to sell some of these artifacts… which got destroyed so if you wanna hitch a free ride you kind of exploded your chances there.
Rachel: Great, guess I’m paying out of my own pocket then.
Logi: I mean I appreciate the save and all, but I just don’t have any money to give you guys and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to spend money on four airline tickets.
Rachel: Wait, you guys landed here by spaceship right? Can’t you just take us there?
Logi: Phh, and be a target for Six again? Not a chance. We need that ship to get to our next destination. Huxxabu it was, right?
Demos: Correct.
Logi: So yeah.
Rachel: Guess we’re taking the airplane then. Come on, Robyn.
Robyn: Alright… wait, do you guys not want to see Unten or something?
Logi: You guys are like a day ahead of schedule. We’re planning to go much later.
Rachel: Well then why not just wait here?
Logi: And then get killed by Six? Rachel, Six has it out for you and her, probably. I’m not risking that.
Rachel: Great…

Rachel leaves the apartment with Robyn and heads to the airport.

Jump cut to a couple hours later as Rachel and Robyn exits the plane.

Rachel: Couple of stingy bastards.
Robyn: I just realized I forgot to ask where Unten was gonna be.
Rachel: Outskirts of Noah, right? Can’t be that far out. I mean, what is it, a desert?
Noah Tourist: Uh, yeah?
Rachel: Oh.
Robyn: Come on, we don’t have much time. Probably.
Rachel: Alright, alright…

The scene zooms out in front of the airport, showing that yes, it is located rather close to a desert.

Rachel: We’re coming, Unten.
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