3.14 hazily wakes up with Flicker in a tight space. 3.14 opens the door, and sees Dr. Luna who frantically runs over.

3.14: Where am I?
Dr. Luna: You’re still at A22 Industries but… well… I’m basically hiding you out until night for you to escape.
3.14: You’re not going to shut us down?
Dr. Luna: You guys are people too. I wouldn’t do that.
Flicker: ...thank you…

Dr. Luna smiles faintly but hears footsteps and closes the door. She runs over to the front of her lab and welcomes in Dr. Hex.

Dr. Hex: I trust you’ve taken care of 3.14 and Flicker, then?
Dr. Luna: That’s correct.
Dr. Hex: Well, we screwed that up again. We got one more shot at this whole living programs thing.
Dr. Luna: I don’t think we really should be focusing on that right now…
Dr. Hex: And why not? Too afraid to change the world, Luna?
Dr. Luna: I just don’t think…
Dr. Hex: Oh sure, the process hasn’t worked very well when transferring it over to humans. And using Rain’s research for 3.14 didn’t work out very well either...
Dr. Luna: Dr. Hex, shouldn’t you get that wound checked out or something?
Dr. Hex: The glitch wound?
Dr. Luna: Yeah. I think you should get that checked out before deciding to press forward with anything, you know? Wouldn’t want to die before you finish your grand creation, right?
Dr Hex: Eh, you’re probably right.

Dr. Hex leaves the room. Dr. Luna checks on the two. She discovers that 3.14 is scooted far away from Flicker as the room fills up with glitchy material.

Dr. Luna: You… alright in there?
Flicker: I’m sorry…
3.14: No, it’s okay. Look, we just need to get out of here quick. I don’t think she likes it here.
Dr. Luna: Yeah, I can understand that… Flicker can transfer to other devices right?
Flicker: Y...yeah…
Dr. Luna: You can just hang on my laptop for a bit, okay?
Flicker: Thanks…
Dr. Luna: 3.14, you’re good, right?
3.14: Yes.
Dr. Luna: Alright, I gotta eat lunch. I’ll be right back.

Dr. Luna leaves the room as 3.14 scans the room.

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