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Fantendo Factions

Fantendo - Factions is an open world tactical role-playing war video game created and developed by Illusion Works to be released on the Pacifico and The V² sometime during summer 2016. The game features an extensive roster of characters from Fantendo in a seemly never-ending intergalactic war between Light, led by Unten, and Dark, led by Liameno and Parvati. In order to stop their reign of terror, Unten must assemble the strongest combination of heroes from all corners of the Fantendoverse spectrum that he possibly can, in order to restore the peace once more.

Plot: Light of Justice / Shadows of Darkness

In the seemingly distant future, an intergalactic war has commenced between two different forces, Unten, representing the Light, and Liameno and Parvati, representing the Dark. After realising the intensity of Liameno and Parvati's plans and power, Unten must pull together all of the forces from across the Fantendoverse under his Faction in order to finally bring an end to Parvati and Liameno's reign of terror.

The story of the game is presented like a visual novel with open world elements. You travel through different maps and attack enemies and bosses respectively. The game has two different stories, Light of Justice and Shadows of Darkness, which both follow the opposing stories in this intergalactic war.

Liameno and Parvati continue to grow their army of darkness, as Unten quickly begins to assemble members for his army. Unten quickly got into contact with Rachel, and the pair scouted around to find whoever they could to join the Light. 


The Basics

To be added.


Name Description
Daily Activities Daily Activities are extra tasks you can do on the game which will give you extra rewards. You have up to three per day, all varying with different types of tasks, and they are replaced every twenty four hours with new Daily Activities.
Data Cards Data Cards are rare items which unlock new characters for you to play as. You purchase them with Crystals, which you can collect as loot from levels you complete (which can be small or big depending on your star rating of completion).

There are different rarities of packs and themed packs which you can buy. Rarities include, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Crystal, going from least rare to most rare. Themed packs are only released for a limited amount of time, making them pretty rare in comparison as well.

Pro Levels Pro Levels are harder versions of existing levels which you unlock upon completing a zone within the game. When you complete a zone, the Pro version of that zone is unlocked, allowing you to play through the zone once again with increased difficulty but higher prizes. Pro Levels use Pro Energy as opposed to normal energy, so you won't lose any of your normal energy through playing these levels.

Credits are points which help you upgrade your character and unlock new abilities for that character. Credits are needed for when your character has enough experience to level up, but you need to pay a certain amount of credits before you can do so. </span>

Crystals are the currency you need to purchase Data Card packs from the Shop. You obtain Crystals in small amounts, usually through completing Pro levels, which make them the rarest currency in the game.

Ally Tokens are points you receive from fighting with or against a friend you have registered in the game. You can use Ally Tokens to buy new character shards or data cards, exclusive to the currency. You can fight up to ten ally battles per day.

Experience Machines Experience Machines are items that help you increase the experience of your characters. You may receive them from completing levels, levelling up, or Daily Activities. They significantly increase a character's level, so if you have an under-levelled member of your team, they can prove to be very useful.
Character Shards Character Shards are moderately rare items which help you unlock new characters, or upgrade existing ones. Every character requires a specific amount of Character Shards to unlock them as a playable character, with the rarer characters requiring more than common ones. After you unlock the character, you can also use Character Shards to upgrade their Star Ranking, which is a separate levelling up system. Star Ratings show the worth of the character, and if you upgrade it, they will receive a big boost to their stats.
Friendship Links Friendship Links are needed to unlock specific characters. To unlock specific characters, you will need to befriend a different character first in order to be able to collect Character Shards for other characters. However, in some cases, you may be able to find the character in the main world and add them to your team through those means.
Levels Your player has levels as well as the characters. Your player is levelled up through gaining overall experience in battles, and upon levelling up you receive new items and rewards which will help you throughout the game. Your player can reach up to level 50, and depending on your level you will be able to access different features. For example, from Level 35 onwards you unlock the Pro levels, which are new levels with increased difficulty but with higher loot up for grabs.

Characters increase levels by their performance in battle. If the character defeats an enemy they receive a boosted amount of experience compared to a character that just deals damage to an enemy. You can also use Experience Machines which you collect as rewards from battles to boost the experience of your character. Just like the player, your characters can reach up to level 50.

Upon levelling up, they can unlock new attacks and powers to use in battle. They also increase their statistics which will allow them to be faster in combat, or deal higher points of damage for example. Every character is unique as to their growth.</p>

Friendship Levels increase through units in your army fighting alongside each other. They unlock exclusive conversations between the characters to help the player find out more about the characters themselves. All characters have Friendship Levels between each other, so the combinations are endless. There are five Friendship Levels, all which unlock new abilities such as deflecting enemy attacks and protecting each other.

Star Ranking Star Rankings show the worth of the character. You can use Character Shards to upgrade Star Ranking, which gives the characters a big stat boost upon upgrading. The maximum Star Ranking is 10, but it can be very hard to get a character to that Star Ranking.
Achievements Achievements are extra conditions that when met can unlock new prizes for the player. Achievements can often give you more Credits or Character Shards to unlock or upgrade new/existing characters. They also give you Player Experience, which can level up your player to unlock new Game Modes.

Game Modes

Light Mode


In Light Mode, you play through the story as if you were part of the Light Faction. There are 250 levels spread out over 10 zones in Light Mode to play and complete, in turn you can win different rewards such as Data Cards, Credits, Character Shards and other miscellaneous items.

Dark Mode


In Dark Mode, you play through the story as if you were part of the Dark Faction. There are 250 levels spread out over 10 zones in Dark Mode to play and complete, in turn you can win different rewards such as Data Cards, Credits, Character Shards and other miscellaneous items.

Pro Light Battles


Pro Light Battles are a different mode where you play through the Light Mode, but with increased difficulty and different prizes. These prizes are a lot more rare and help you to build your collection of Character Shards, to help you unlock new characters.

Pro Dark Battles


Pro Dark Battles are a different mode where you play through the Dark Mode, but with increased difficulty and different prizes. These prizes are a lot more rare and help you to build your collection of Character Shards, to help you unlock new characters.

Squadron Battles


Squad Battles are battles you can have against other players in the game with your friends or other online players in the game. In this mode, as well as Character Shards and other gear items, you can earn Ally Tokens. 

Galactic Conquest


Conquer the Galaxy is the ultimate mode of the game. It has the hardest battles you can ever find in the game, and the ultimate rewards. If you complete the mode, you unlock three special characters that you can only unlock in this mode. 









Squad Shipments

Ally Shipments

Warzone Shipments

Shard Shack



Light Roster


Dark Roster


  • April 24: Unten and Liameno confirmed for major roles in the game, as representatives of the Light and Dark sides.
  • April 30: Crow, Rachel and Strafe were added to the game.
  • May 01: Amaia, Blank, Dawn, Nizzle & Zorp, Valerie and Volt were added to the game.
  • May 05: Aveira, Hexa, King Ash, Lucky and Zonas were added to the game.
  • May 25: Former Four, Irene, Iron Mask, Leah Needlenam, Liana, Mioda, One and Smile were added to the game.
  • June 14: Parvati revealed and confirmed for a major role in the game.
  • June 20: Thorn, Titanium Cage, ALMIGHTY, Aura, Aran, Ash, Cass Ayers and Corshama were added to the game.
  • July 12: Doomulus Grime, Chelsea, DREW, Elena, Erisi, Eve, Fandraxonian, Fera, Flicker, Hene and Mynis were added to the game. 
  • July 15: Revealed the last of the characters for the initial game.


Light Characters

Character Description
Unten is the self-proclaimed leader of the Light alliance against Liameno and Parvati, and the Dark alliance. It's Unten's goal to find all the troops that he can possibly assemble and collectively take the dark forces down one by one. The road won't be easily, as a lot of Unten's former friends have either been hypnotized into joining the dark forces, or joined by their own will, but in the end he knows that Light has to succeed this battle, by any means necessary.
Rachel is one of Unten's best friends and a great helper in the alliance of light to diminish the dark. Rachel is a rather ordinary being, in the sense that she doesn't have any radical abilities or weapons like some of the other members possess, but she is very capable of using ordinary weapons like a sword or bow and arrow. Even being placed in situations like this one hasn't made her feel or act any more abnormally, but will a time come where that changes?
Crow is known throughout the Light alliance as the brawn of the group, especially with her nimble abilities and very hard hitting sword attacks. She also attacks with a very fierce percentage of precision, which makes her an even deadlier threat to the Dark alliance. In the eyes of the enemy, she is often regarded as the leader of the Light alliance, even though that isn't exactly the case, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind it if she were to be the leader...
Strafe, whilst not having the best past of a hero as he used to be a common thief, is a very cunning and precise individual who has a lot of abilities which help out the Light alliance. He helps out a lot with planning the formations, and making the decisions to help advance the alliance's power. He often makes jokes and wise-cracks as a coping mechanism for his past trauma, which could definite set off a ticking time bomb if the wrong person were to say something...
Aveira is a scientist who used to work for a group of agents to help bring around the death of Tess, who failed on numerous occasions, until they somehow banished her to a different dimension, only for her to kill herself to end the Mastermind's life. Anywho, the agency split up and they all followed different paths, but Aveira wanted more than just a normal life, so she started to go on her own adventures, to try and satisfy the craving that Tess left behind.
Volt is a very optimist Sparkling with a lot of other personality traits as well. He is able to use electronic power to his advantage, which makes him a real unique asset to the Light alliance. He often helps out with the mechanical side of things, to charge up certain devices that the labs may be testing out, or to help out with the communications tower which requires tons of power to work correctly. While being small, he doesn't let that get the best of him.
Smile is the kind of person that would only help out in certain situations if times got tough. He often stays on his own and reads books, which help him to boost his knowledge, and he's also a pretty mature ghost, defeating the stereotype of course. Despite his appearance, he also isn't as scary as he may seem when you get to know him. His limbs are also very stretchy, which can be used to attack enemies and also reach far away items which may prove useful later on.
Cass Ayers
Cass Ayers is a very special human being. They are able to mimic or create any kind of body they feel like, and morph into it without any difficulty. They mainly reside as two forms, Cassidy Ayers and Cassandra Ayers, who are known as the deadly twin agents across the globe. They have solved many mysteries, and due to being known as two people, often earn double the money for solving these mysteries. Definitely the workings of a mastermind if you ask me!
Valerie is a very flirtatious person who often dreams about taking over the universe. She is a very mixed bag when it comes to her attacks and defense, as she has some average moves such as shuriken projectiles, but she also has some hard hitting moves like a blazing kick attack. Valerie is often used in the Light alliance to train new recruits, since she is very capable socially and physically in the fighting sense. She is definitely a very important person in the Light alliance.
Zonas is a very mixed character. He used to live in a family of demons, which he successfully defeated once he was old enough and skilled enough to do so. He roamed the streets often when he was younger, which made him a runaway thief of sorts, which makes him seem like a very troubled soul. However, Zonas can be very childish in certain circumstances, and he has to have things done very specifically to his expectations, which can make him hard to work with for some people.
Whilst being the normal one of the groups that she's been involved in, Liana has not led a normal life in any sense of the word. She has hopped around a lot from occupation to occupation, as she was originally involved and leader of a notorious motorcycle gang, known for terrorising several cities. Now, she hangs around with her local friendly serial killers, and also a group of friends from University which helped her cover up the murder of her professor. The definition of normal, right?
Iron Mask
Iron Mask is the leader of the Wasteland Warriors, a group of warriors know are known for being powerful, which makes him a very notable recruit in the Light alliance. He uses the Root of Yggdrasil to attack his enemies (which is a fusion between a sword and a gun), and he can do that from any distance with no problem due to the capabilities of the weapon. He can be a rather quiet person however, so in this organisation filled with big personalities he could find difficulty.
Corshama has a very wild appearance, however this doesn't reflect her personality in the slightest. Due to being a popstar, she dresses this way to attract her audience. She is a very calm and collected character, who has high defenses and often uses projectile attacks, which makes her a very defense based character overall. Her attacks aren't very offensive though, so if that's a style you'd prefer you might not enjoy playing as her.
Amaia is a very confident character and she is very skillful when it comes to martial arts. She is quite quick and can attack enemies with these martial art attacks very accurately. She is also able to possess Magia, and is also the last human wielder of the magic. If she gains enough Magia, she can perform a very special move called "Zulatu Bakar Harritzekoa", which can knock out enemies in one single blow. If she can channel that energy, then the Dark alliance may have a serious problem on their hands.
Blank is a member of the F.A.N.T. organisation, which she joined because she wanted to put her powers to good use. She is able to camoflauge into the surroundings and backgrounds of different things, which makes her a great asset to the Light alliance as a Scout. While not being completely invisible technically, she is still able to check out places for threats before others invesigate the land, or before a fight between the alliances. 
Nizzle and Zorp
Nizzle and Zorp are a rather strange duo, who both have quirky personalities. Nizzle is often depressing, and has a tough time controlling it, whereas Zorp is clueless and an airhead at times. However, they can use several types of elemental magic like Electricity and Lunar powers, which when used right can make them a tough opponent to defeat. They're definitely the duo that would make you think otherwise upon seeing them, as opposed to seeing them in battle.
Lucky is an extreme pessimist. He doesn't really think of himself in any sort of positive light, which makes him appear as pessimistic to others. Despite this, he often puts other people above himself, and respects them. He is also a very frail character, who can't really handle himself well in fighting, which is why he isn't really involved in the fighting aspect on the Light alliance. He often does maintenance and offers room service to the other members of the Light alliance. 
Titanium Cage
Titanium Cage has not lived the prettiest of childhoods. Growing up in the Wasteland, she never felt happy or enjoyed that section of her childhood. She was born as male, but later became female, which didn't sit well with her parents. She was sold to Liameno and he later made her one of his wives, which pitted her further into depression. She wears her Titanium Cage to remind her of not being free, and always being trapped. She never learned to be free.
Eve Jellax
Eve is a slime priestess, which means that she teaches and practices religioun quite regularly. She is able to morph her body into unique shapes due to being made out of a slimey substance, however, she is unable to use these morphs in combat, which has often made her to question her religious beliefs. In the Light alliance she is often seen as a motherly figure, who helps out with anyone who is injured or needs to talk to somebody. She may not be a combat powerhouse, but she is certainly helpful.
While her weapons may not be the most complex or dangerous, Fera is a very skilled "spearwoman" who definitely knows how to use a spear and shield to her advantage. She is also quite a smart woman too, which is why she is one of the leaders of the Light alliance army, as she can fight alongside them on the frontline, and also come up with special tactics and formations to use which will definitely benefit the army in battle. Not to mention she's quite charming too.
Aran Leverletto
Another pretty normal character, with a bionic arm. Aran isn't the most advanced when it comes to fighting, but he can handle himself well when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and he can also use guns to his advantage if they're simple to use. He also isn't the quickest when it comes to learning new techniques, so using weapons that don't match him will be very ineffective for a while until he learns how to use them more accurately.
Chelsea Rench
Chelsea is a farmer from a ranch called Bluecarrot Farm. She is a mechanic by trade, hence why her main weapon is a wrench. Her wrench has different modes, which all allow a different style of combat for Chelsea. She is also quite physically strong, as she is able to move small but heavy objects with ease. While she may not be the Light faction's Hulk, she is able to help out a lot with lifting objects in order to uncover or gain passage into other places.
Ash is a former agent in the Agents of Ashes who were assembled to bring about the end of Tess. After the agency disbanded since Tess was no more, Ash somehow found himself in the Fantendoverse, and thus joined the Light alliance. Ash is very handy, and can use guns and other weapons quite easily, but always grabs the guns first. He is a unit in the Light alliance army, and is pretty comfortable with his placement in the Light alliance, even though it's different from being an agent.
Mioda is a tribalist and leader of the Zeon Wilderbeasts. She is often rather arrogant and jealous of Unten due to him saving Zeon and not her, and also has a very serious attitude with the occasional joke, but that's a rarity for her. She mainly uses tribal-like weapons such as a crossbow and a tomahawk, but she can also use a bow and arrow, and craft them herself. She is very skilled when it comes to survivalist techniques, which is what often helps establish her ranking in the Light alliance.
Thorn is the definition of determination. She always makes sure to accomplish her goals in the best way possible. She can also be a very protective person of those who she shares a bond with. She can be a very quick character too, but she always hits hard too, which makes her a very powerful character as well. She is one of the main units in the Light alliance's army, and she has proven to be a very strong asset against the Dark alliance on the battlefield.
DREW used to be a very shy person, who often avoided social interaction wherever possible, however, he is now a very confident man who is able to use pyro abilities to attack his foes. He is very couragous and brave, and will always put his own life in danger if it means that someone else's can be spared. His abilities are endless in the fire category. He can use a special sword, which he can set on fire and attack enemies with, which makes him a very powerful unit of the Light alliance army.

Dark Characters

Character Description
Liameno is a very ruthless enemy. He is a very big worshiper of the Fan and the Enemy, and sacrifices people in their name just to satisfy his own need for destruction and despair. His primary weapon would be his electricity abilities, which are very powerful tools which help out the Dark alliance significantly. He is also very ruthless in the sense that he would kill anybody that tried to oppose him directly, regardless of any previous relationship they had, making him a great dictator of Dark.
Parvati is the perfect compliment to Liameno's harsh nature. She enjoys to see the demise of others, and feels even more glad about it when she was the person who orcastrated it. She has a lot of abilities, which mainly include her telepathic powers and her very advanced social skills. She can turn any situation around to make it seem like someone else is to blame, or convince people to join her side in a matter of seconds. She's definitely the brains behind the Dark alliance, even if Liameno doesn't realise it.
Dawn Shadows
Dawn Shadows is a girl who loves to fight. She harnesses the powers of Dark, which makes her a very fitting member of the Dark alliance. She uses the powers in multiple ways, she can channel it through her body in order to add more power to her attacks, or use it as projectile attacks against enemies, which makes her a great attacker in the Dark alliance. She can also use darkness to fall into areas of shadows, which can prove useful if she ever needed to get away quickly.
Like Parvati, One is also a great manipulator, which makes them get along very well. While not being the strongest member of the Threat's Top 10, One is able to psychologically "bully" others by bringing up memories or events that may bring discomfort and pain to the receipient. She is often not interacted with from others, as they are terrified that she will begin to traumatise them, but for some this doesn't prove to be an issue. 
You may not have expected Hexa to be on this side, but yeah. She quickly became tired with not having the recognition she thought she deserved from Unten and the like, and with a little persuation from Parvati, she joined the Dark alliance. She finds it hard to communicate and make friends in the Dark alliance due to them having very different personalities to her, but she hopes that eventually she'll be able to fit in. She considers Parvati as her closest friend in the alliance.
Aura can be a very mysterious person as not much is known about her. She can use different personalities to help out in situations, like creating platforms. She can also use different attacks under these personalities, which gives her the most coverage in the game. It is often quested in the Dark alliance where her head is truly at, which causes a lot of controversy between the alliance. Because of this, Liameno isn't on the best terms with her, and trusts her the least.
Doomulus Grime
In the past, Doomulus Grime has been known for creating terror and unleashing it upon Unten and others, which made him a must have for the Dark alliance. He uses a range of attacks which include his arm cannon, and his sharp teeth which can rip through anything that Doomulus wishes. It has been thought that he is being kept secret from the Light alliance, as Parvati wishes to bring despair to Unten when he is forced to encounter him and ultimately battle him. 
King Ash
Former Four
Leah Needlenam

Tactical Talk


Tactical Talk is a mode in the Fantendo - Factions, similar to Support Conversations in the Fire Emblem series and the Home Quarters conversation in Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality, which involves a conversation between two or more characters in the game. You can view all of these respective conversation on the subpage.


Items are used in the game to further increase a character's stats. All items have different abilities which can drastically change the ending of a battle. You can find an entire list of items below.


With the record label, Roulette Records' input, a Soundtrack for the game was composed. It contained 12 different musical tracks to jointly create the soundtrack.


E3 2016 Trailer #1

In a barren wasteland, Parvati and Liameno are standing over what looks to be like a feared Unten.
Parvati: Where's your warriors of light now? All abandoned you at the time where you need them most? My most sincere apologies, Unten, but it looks like all the luck you've had has finally run out, and at the worst possible time...What a shame.
Liameno: Creatures like you will never come to terms with darkness taking over, who knows, the alternate reality that we stand for may provide a better outcome than light can ever achieve.
Unten: And you'll never understand that light could also provide a better outcome than dark. But what do I know, huh? 
Parvati: You don't know enough, that's why we have to fight against you in this silly fray, but enough talking. It's finally time to end this, once and for all, all or nothing, the final nail in the coffin.
Liameno: You get really poetic when you're thrilled about killing don't you?
Parvati: It's one of my main charms!
The pair then advance on Unten, and surround him, before the screen turns black and a scream is heard in the background.

Trailer #2


Update Log

  • April 24: Initial page creation, confirmed Unten and Liameno's appearances.
  • April 25: A soundtrack was confirmed for the game, as well as loads of gameplay mechanics.
  • April 30: Crow, Rachel and Strafe were confirmed to appear in the game.
  • May 01: Amaia, Blank, Dawn, Nizzle & Zorp, Valerie and Volt were added to the game.
  • May 05: Aveira, Hexa, King Ash, Lucky and Zonas were added to the game.
  • May 25: Former Four, Irene, Iron Mask, Leah Needlenam, Liana, Mioda, One and Smile were added to the game.
  • June 14: Parvati revealed and confirmed for a major role in the game, as well as a new trailer for the game being revealed.
  • June 20: Thorn, Titanium Cage, ALMIGHTY, Aura, Aran, Ash, Cass Ayers and Corshama were added to the game.
  • July 12: Doomulus Grime, Chelsea, DREW, Elena, Erisi, Eve, Fandraxonian, Fera, Flicker, Fuschia, Hene and Mynis were added to the game. 
  • July 13: The update log was added, as well as a tier list and a thread. A lot of other cosmetic changes were added.
  • July 15: Added a load of new characters to the game.



Reception thus far has been positive.



  • Fantendo - Factions was inspired by many different platforms, the most notable being the mobile application, "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes".
  • Fantendo - Factions is the first appearance of Parvati.

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