Shangri-La, also known as "Pure Fantendo - Shangri-La", is a large open-world tactical war role-playing video game developed by Bleak Industries (tbc), as a reboot of an older title, Fantendo - Factions, planned to be released onto all major consoles sometime in late 2017. It also signifies the beginning of the "Pure Fantendoverse Arc", a new timeline which takes place after the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, but before the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.

The main story focuses on an ongoing war, over a new planet commonly referred to as "Shangri-La", between two different factions representing the Light and the Dark, led by Unten and Parvati respectively. In an attempt to dissolve the war once and for all, Unten is tasked with recruiting many fighters from his past, present, and future in order to end Parvati's reign of terror, and to ultimately protect Shangri-La and possible life forms from the devastating clutches of evil.

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Plot: Blinding Light / Mystifying Darkness


C o m i n g s o o n . . .


Under 'Fantendo - Factions'

Initial development for the game began in late 2015. The main intention for the game was to be a large Fantendo crossover that anyone could add to, and that could easily be updated with new content to keep it fresh. For this model, it was decided that a lot of the game's mechanics and gameplay would be similar to a mobile game, since they receive updates rather regularly and it seemed to suit my intended model for the game. 

Under 'Shangri-La'


The game takes place over many different planets and focuses on many different characters. You traverse over a map of many planets, trying to recruit members for either respective faction. 

Standard Combat

In Shangri-La, combat takes two main forms, both of which are unique and contrast to the other significantly.

The standard combat technique requires you to attack enemies face-to-face in turn-based fighting. The main goal is to defeat the opponent through using various skills and attacks to drain their life points to zero, and ultimately win the battle. There are several conditions which should be kept in mind whilst fighting though, such as status ailments and weak points. 

Status Ailments are conditions that can drastically change up the battle. They are usually dealt as side effects to attacks. 

War Combat

War combat is where the leader of the faction commands units to defeat the opposing enemies. Similar to Advance Wars, most of (if not all) of your recruited units will be on a very large grid, and you will move them accordingly, like a giant chess game. Every character's stats are the same in this mode, however, the enemies are generally harder to defeat due to war combat being mainly for tough opponents. 


Recruitment is the process of characters joining your side of the war. Every character has a different method to recruiting them, some a lot more complex than others. Some may require you to collect items for them, or defeat them in battle, for example.


Daily Activities Daily Activities are in-game tasks that you can complete to gain rewards such as currency. Up to five can be available at one time, and they reset after 24-hours in real-time. Some tasks may require more thought, time, or effort, but they have respective rewards so that the player feels fulfilled upon completing an activity.
Currencies Tri-Credits Tri-Credits are a strange coin shaped like a triangle, used as the main currency in the game for completing tasks and winning battles. Tri-Credits are primarily used to purchase gear for you character, as well as upgrading gear and abilities. [They can also be used for researching new technological advances.]
Orbs Orbs are known as the premium currency in the game, being very scarce in collecting. Orbs can be used to purchase rarer judgement fragments, to unlock tougher heroes. They are usually found in Pro Levels, in small amounts as a completion reward. They are the rarest currency in the game.
Levels Player Levels Your player has levels as well as the characters. Your player is levelled up through gaining overall experience in battles, and upon levelling up you receive new items and rewards which will help you throughout the game. Your player can reach up to level 50, and depending on your level you will be able to access different features. For example, from Level 35 onward you unlock the Pro levels, which are new levels with increased difficulty but with higher loot up for grabs.
Character Levels Characters increase levels by their performance in battle. If the character defeats an enemy they receive a boosted amount of experience compared to a character that just deals damage to an enemy. You can also use Experience Machines which you collect as rewards from battles to boost the experience of your character. Just like the player, your characters can reach up to level 50.

Upon levelling up, they can unlock new attacks and powers to use in battle. They also increase their statistics which will allow them to be faster in combat, or deal higher points of damage for example. Every character is unique as to their growth.

Friendship Levels Friendship Levels increase through units in your army fighting alongside each other. They unlock exclusive conversations between the characters to help the player find out more about the characters themselves. All characters have Friendship Levels between each other, so the combinations are endless. There are five Friendship Levels, all which unlock new abilities such as deflecting enemy attacks and protecting each other.
Judgement Fragments Judgement Fragments Judgement Fragments are rare items in the game which act as the gateway to collecting and unlocking new playable characters. Using the premium currency, Orbs, you receive a random assortment of cards for various characters, and when a specific amount is reached, the character becomes playable. Depending on a character's rarity rating, more or less fragments are required. 
Rarities As with characters, different fragment packets have rarities reflecting the same as characters. Those being, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Pure, in ascending order. Similarly, the occasional themed packet could be available for limited times, however, they usually lack rarity ratings, due to being time-exclusive. Despite this, they're still recognised as being rare and exclusive.
Extra Fragments After unlocking a character, you can use extra fragments you receive to boost the character's stats in battles. Characters have ten levels, so there is plenty to spend the extra fragments on when the character is initially unlocked.
Star Ranking Star Rankings show the worth of the character. You can use Character Shards to upgrade Star Ranking, which gives the characters a big stat boost upon upgrading. The maximum Star Ranking is 10, but it can be very hard to get a character to that Star Ranking.
Experience Machines Experience Machines are items that help you increase the experience of your characters. You may receive them from completing levels, levelling up, or Daily Activities. They significantly increase a character's level, so if you have an under-levelled member of your team, they can prove to be very useful.
Friendship Links Friendship Links are needed to unlock specific characters. To unlock specific characters, you will need to befriend a different character first in order to be able to collect Character Shards for other characters. However, in some cases, you may be able to find the character in the main world and add them to your team through those means.
Pro Levels Pro Levels are harder versions of existing levels which you unlock upon completing a zone within the game. When you complete a zone, the Pro version of that zone is unlocked, allowing you to play through the zone once again with increased difficulty but higher prizes.
Achievements Achievements are extra conditions that when met can unlock new prizes for the player. Achievements can often give you more of the in-game currencies to unlock or upgrade characters. They also give you Player Experience, which can level up your player to unlock new Game Modes.

Game Modes

Light Faction Battles

In Light Faction Battles, you can play through the story of the game as part of the Light Faction, led by Unten. There are around 250 levels in total spread out across ten different zones, all with different themes and conditions which will test the player.

Dark Faction Battles

In Dark Faction Battles, you can play through the story of the game as part of the Dark Faction, led by Parvati. There are around 250 levels in total spread out across ten different zones, all with different themes and conditions which will test the player.




Every character in the game comes under either the Light faction or the Dark faction, which are the main two sides fighting for control over Shangri-La. Click a character's portrait either above or below to be taken to their sub page.

Please note: Characters here are listed as they are announced, not in story significance.

Light Faction

Unten is the commander in chief behind the Light Faction, and is also believed to be the creator. Unten has all the qualities of a hero, being courageous and brave, which helps his belief when it comes to recruiting other units for his Faction to defeat the forces of the Dark Faction. Unten knows the road ahead will be tough, but in the end he knows in his heart that Light has to be victorious, by any means necessary.
Javie is a robot that is mentally stuck in the 1960s. She is very jolly and upbeat, and always does her best to help her friends. However, she is soon scouted as she possesses a hidden secret even unknown to herself. In her rural mountain town, she works as a barista in a popular coffee shop, and is popular with the local people due to her attitude and work ethic. She is incredibly anxious and vulnerable, which helped her trust Unten deeply.

Dark Faction

Parvati may look cute, but she can wreak havoc at the snap of her fingers. She thrives off the demise and devastation of others, especially when she orchestrated it herself. She possesses very strong social skills, which allow her to easily persuade others to fight for her and the Dark Faction, which she is the self-proclaimed queen of. She is very cunning, and can easily manipulate others through emotional blackmail among other cruel methods.
Porcelain is a teenager who is capable of using black magic, an ancient art. She is also disabled, and enjoys when she manages to prove stereotypes around disability as false. She is very determined and cunning, and always fights for what she believes, no matter the cost. While her intentions are unknown, it is likely she is being manipulated by Parvati due to her ancient powers, which Parvati is highly interested in.
Lochlan is a member of a notorious biker gang which is known for terrorizing the local people with their violent actions. He one day aspires to be the leader of the biker gang, however for now, he is on the hunt for his ex-girlfriend, who was also the ex-leader of the biker gang, as she suddenly left for reasons unknown. He is slow, but strong and powerful, and will stop at no lengths to get what the gang desires.


Territories are the different areas you can explore within the game. Different territories are unlocked as you play the game, and can be accessed from the world map. 

01 Shangri-La is a special sanctuary with unknown origins, however it is known for having lush resources and breath-taking views, Shangri-La truly is the epitome of planets. Thousands of people are currently fighting for control over the planet, and there is no way to determine who will end up emerging victorious as the dictator of the planet.

Tactic Meetings


Tactic Meetings are the name given to conversations between characters to boost their friendship links. It involves two or more characters having a conversation, from being goofy and funny to serious and dark. Some Tactic Meetings are written by members of the community; you can view all the current conversations on the respective subpage.


There are many different items available in the game which all have varying effects. An itinerary of all the items currently in the game can be found below.



E3 2016 Trailer #1 [Fantendo - Factions]

In a barren wasteland, Parvati and Liameno are standing over what looks to be like a feared Unten.
Parvati: Where's your warriors of light now? All abandoned you at the time where you need them most? My most sincere apologies, Unten, but it looks like all the luck you've had has finally run out, and at the worst possible time...What a shame.
Liameno: Creatures like you will never come to terms with darkness taking over, who knows, the alternate reality that we stand for may provide a better outcome than light can ever achieve.
Unten: And you'll never understand that light could also provide a better outcome than dark. But what do I know, huh? 
Parvati: You don't know enough, that's why we have to fight against you in this silly fray, but enough talking. It's finally time to end this, once and for all, all or nothing, the final nail in the coffin.
Liameno: You get really poetic when you're thrilled about killing don't you?
Parvati: It's one of my main charms!
The pair then advance on Unten, and surround him, before the screen turns black and a scream is heard in the background.



  • Shangri-La was inspired by many different platforms, the most notable being the mobile application, "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes".
  • Shangri-La was the first official playable debut for Parvati.
  • Shangri-La was originally called Fantendo - Factions.

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