Fantendo - Evaluation is a reviewing service hosted by KinglerMaster (tbc) that reviews various articles on Fantendo. It is made to feature criticism on articles within the wiki so that the articles can reach their full potential. It began on December 5th, 2015. It is a part of the League of Fantendo Critics 2.0.
Note: These reviews are based off my own opinion and therefore there should be no complaining or unneeded arguing over my opinion. If you'd like, you can try to prove my opinion incorrect, but you must use good sources and reasons in that case.

Review Record

7/7: Remarkable

These articles are pretty much perfect and barely have room for improvements. They are well-written, formatted, and interesting to read, and surely show that a lot of work was put into them.

6/7: Awesome

These articles are quite great. They may have minor flaws here and there but for the most part they are very well-done articles.

5/7: Great

These articles here aren't the best of the best yet, but could be on their way to becoming so. They are for the most part well-done, and may just have minor flaws or incompleted segments, but are mostly good.

4/7: Decent

These articles are more neutral than anything else; they aren't necessarily horrible, but could use a lot of room for improvement and/or need some new content or completed content to boost themselves up.

3/7: Mediocre

These articles are pretty much under-average; they are less desirable than the categories above, are lacking in detail or necessary features, and definitely require some improvement.

2/7: Bad

Articles in this category just aren't good. They don't include inspiration nor interest to most readers; they are lacking in key elements of an article and are therefore not good articles.

1/7: Horrible

These articles need serious improvement and are pretty much lacking almost all key elements of an article.

0/7: Gruesome

These articles are just plain terrible. There's near-nothing (or nothing) good about them and need truckloads of improvement and change if you want them to get better. Unless you're requesting crap, this shouldn't be encountered often in reviews.


Here you may request your article to be reviewed. Remember that reviews will include criticism and opinions so if you dislike those things or do not want to experience them, then you should not ask for a review.

Any article created by you to be showed off on the wiki itself can and will likely be reviewed. Note that fan fictions will not be accepted.

Request Here

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