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Fantendo - Drive is a comics publication company created and run by Inora with assistance from various companies and Fantendoverse personnel. It was founded in 2015, but after a few hiatuses and problems, it was rebooted in early 2016.

The series they publish are usually recieved well. If you'd like to do a comic series for Drive, just ask in the comments and I'll approve you. Exotoro, .vectorDestiny, and .etherealknight do not need to ask to add a series, due to their status as frequent writers.


Series Description


This series features a variety of writers as existing characters are focused on in new and exciting adventures.

Written by multiple people.


Brand new characters are introduced for the first time, setting them up for new adventures in the Fantendoverse.

Written mainly by Exotoro, along a few others.


Xerra, as far as she knows, is the last surviving Beorn after Zeon's explosion. However, things quickly get off track when her escape pod is knocked into an odd planet where she makes new friends and goes on strange adventures.

Written by Exotoro.

Dark Wood Hollow Fragments Logo

After their first visit in the Dark Woods the heroes try to find some peace in their own dimension. However Hein keeps getting strange dreams about the Dark Woods while Ligeia seems to uncover more about her forgotten past.

Written by DarKingdomHearts


Sarah Auvic is a normal woman working at a gas station. She has friends and lives a decent life, but can't shake the feeling that something is off.

Written by Exotoro.


Plato Konrad is a young man with the power of Inversion is forced off his planet by Liameno, and must find a new one alongside companion Mara Cruor.

Written by Exotoro.


The Misfits begins to crumble after Aran is shot in the stomach by Melissa . And while everyone thinks that she is gone forever, Aran wants to figure out why she did it, and won't stop until he figures it out

Written by CryoticYoshi.


A whole new Misfits team is created, and throws four new people into the mess. Turns out Former Four wasn't done with the Misfits, after all.

Written by CryoticYoshi.


Beorn Hallow follows Unten as he explores the underground tunnel that he found Fenne in. Along the way, he will find strange new allies and foes alike and one of the biggest mysteries he's ever stumbled upon.

Written by Exotoro.


After Strafe wakes up in his own grave, he discovers that Noah is under his control; well, a clone of him. Strafe must battle himself with both old and new friends and uncover what the Winter Pact is... and what they want from him.

Written by Exotoro.


Boare arrives on a planet called Xellantran, a planet undergoing a massive takeover by a Doomuli named Doomulus Nine. Boare sets to fulfill his own prophecy with a gelatinous cleric who's lost her faith tagging along.

Written by Exotoro.


A group of Boltmann students train to fight against the Threat, while learning horrifying secrets about Boltmann and themselves.

Written by Exotoro.


Aurora and Fera become appointed Time Cops by the Time Keepers and have to stop Leah and Reese from causing a paradox in the past.

Written by Exotoro.


After the catastrophic events of Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy, Blank quits The Operatives and heads back to her shitty life in the ghetto. While she's only looking to live an average life, she quickly gets caught up in a gigantic conspiracy. Not to mention dealing with her messed up past. It won't be easy, but nothing ever is.

Written by Sr.Wario.


After a assassin-in-training is left stranded in a wasteland filled with crazed civilians, she wakes up burried in sand and somewhere in the desert. As she adventures throughout the barren wasteland she becomes more and more of a feared assassin throughout the world, aswell as accessing new gear.

Written by .etherealknight.

A wannabe hero named Mynis crashlands on a parallel Earth after the destruction of Zeon, and deals with homesickness and culture shock during his time spent sorting out cultural differences.

Written by Monstermanchego.


Once the princess of the Doragons, Hinata von Brandt, better known as Hama, is a snarky and abrasive mercenary who survived a war between her kingdom and the Syrequa people. Now hired by another suvivor to kill their princess, she'll have to take down anything and everything in her way to finish the job.

Written by .vectorDestiny.

In modern times, Hama lives in a small town, still doing jobs for hire. Upon meeting Corshama, an up and coming musician who died in a car crash but was brought back to life, the two form a bond and team up to fight crime!

Written by .vectorDestiny.

Crash Landing
Anxious Beorn Sinon escapes the demise of Zeon and lands on Roxan, a planet infamous for sacrificing visitors to a god in order to please them. Meeting other survivors on the run, he teams up with them to escape. But it's not going to be easy, and threats WILL stand in their way.

Written by TheFoxyRiolu.


Nichi Saiba is an everyday otaku living in Japan. She's extremely obsessed with all kinds of anime, and dreams of one day becoming a magical girl just like the heroes she worships. One day, however, the city is invaded by an alien force known as the Garox Alignment, and Nichi is drafted by SHOUJO, an anti-alien defense force. Now Nichi has the job she's always dreamed of... but being a soldier isn't as magical as she expected.

Written by Pyrostar.

Beck: Flow Across a Strange World (logo unavailable)

For Beck, the lands of the Fantendoverse are strange and unknown. When he finally gets a chance to explore, he takes it. Follow Beck as he travels the world and meets new characters, discovers new things and gets himself into all sorts of trouble.

Written by Apihedron.


There's nothing glamorous about life for Aero and Beam, two rising stars within the organization of the Misfits. While dealing with missions and battling odd new threats, the two also must overcome the increasingly complex nature of their friendship.

Written by Sr.Wario.


While the famous Unten and friends battle goddesses and intergalactic threats, it's up to F.A.N.T to serve as the barrier between civilians and superpowered threats. But it's not an easy job, and their personal lives are often just as complicated.

Written by Sr.Wario alongside multiple guest writers.

Beorn to Die logo*Series

An upbeat Beorn with no memories of her past, Caoimhe sets out on a new mission of her own, to try and find out more answers surrounding her mysterious existence and about her origins as a Beorn. 

Written by Solarrion.



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