Fantendo DarkestDeedss

Fantendo - Darkest Deeds is a mini-series that was part of Fantendo - Drive. The series was released in 2015 and was a total of eight (as of currently) issues long. It is a reimagining of the Darkest Deeds fanfic that was created by Exotoro back in 2012. It follows Lock and Palutena as they fight The Darkness.


Main Protagonists

The main characters of the story.

  • Lock - Lock has a tendency to dislike all authority, disobeying commands just to to prove his independence. However, he is forced to work under a organization that deals with supernatural threats. He is cold and unwelcoming to others and would rather work alone.
  • Palutena - TBA
  • Dr. ? - TBA
  • Micaliye - TBA


  • The Darkness - A force that is plaguing Manhattan.


Issue 1: Overture

The issue begins with two drunk men named Rocco and Louie, who are talking about the possibility of aliens. In the distance, a black egg crashes into a building, opening up to reveal a black mist that takes out the lighting in the building. As the two men keep talking, the black mist swallows them whole. A newspaper flies into panel, revealing that the year is 1967.

Lock enters the office of Dr. ?, who says he has an assignment: to find out who shut off the power. Lock is somewhat excited but then learns that he will have to partner with Palutena, which makes him reluctant to take the job, but has to anyway. The two begin their search into a powerless Manhattan. There they come across Micaliye, who Palutena says is her sister. Micaliye appears weak, so the two take her up into Palutena's apartment.

The issue closes as Lock and Palutena head towards a power plant. We cut to Dr. ?'s office, where a raven is perched on his desk as he stares at a powerless Manhattan.

Issue 2: The Game Has Changed

Issue 3: Nocturne

Issue 4: Reflections

Issue 5: Armory

Issue 6: Fall

Issue 7: Love

Issue 8: Finale