Fantendo - Corkscrew Chronicles is an animated show produced by AzaCraft Animation, and takes place in the Fantendoverse despite very loose ties to everything else that happens there. It takes place on the artificially built planet of Corkscrew and stars a brand new cast of characters. Guest writers for episodes are allowed, - hell, they're encouraged! 


  • Fetty: A catonea who landed on Corkscrew 2 years ago. He refuses to live in the past and is a free spirit, as well as having a sarcastic streak.
  • Rose: A calm, reserved human male. Rose often has trouble connecting to the other members of the group, but he truly does mean well. 
  • Cyrell: Despite appearing to be a male human, Cyrell is actually a Tarkaetan, a race of aliens who were oppressed by other species in the galaxies, and they use their ability to shapeshift to escape their opressors. Cyrell doesn't tell anyone about his true self other than his closest friends, and he never leaves his human body, feeling insecure about who he truly is. 
  • Harley: Harley is a smart-alec robot with a sarcastic sense of humor. 


Season 1 

Season 1 has 10 episodes. It is meant to establish the characters and world, as well as set up major conflicts down the line. 

Episode Number Title Description
01 Pilot Fetty, Harley, Cyrell, and Rose need to restore the heat core in the center of Corkscrew before the planet freezes over.
02 Her A mysterious girl lands on the planet, who is unable to remember who she is. Meanwhile, Rose begins to develop feelings for her.
03 Sparkster Grace finds a new pet, but it seems to be a bit more troublesome than he appears...

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