Fantendo - Alternate Worlds is a TV Show created by Randomfrog. It doesn't take place in the Fantendoverse, but rather alternate timelines where things had gone differently than they had in the main one. The show is planned to have multiple seasons and be written by multiple people. Characters vary by episode, but they normally feature characters like Unten or Leah Needlenam.


Season One 

Episode Title Info
1 Burnt Out Volt and Vindi have gotten together, but the candlelight won't stay for long.
2 Shattered Pieces What if the Fan and the Enemy were killed during Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered and were unable to make the new universe?
3 The Future? In the future, an older, wiser Unten trains a hero. Whether he wants to or not.
4 Days of F.A.N.T Richard Independence forms F.A.N.T as a task force engineered to destroy and imprison superhumans.


Fanti tries to bring UNT3N to his senses.
7 One Shot Written by CryoticYoshi. Details will be written later to avoid spoilers with Broken Foundations.
8 Burning Invasion Written by CSketch. After Vokkskar sends a meteor to destroy Hestia AKA White Goddess' planet, the gods think that the threat of White Goddess is taken care of, however, they are taken by surprise when an army coming from the same planet manages to invade Earth at full force.
9 All-Star In another world, a very different Victory Squad goes up against a new Threat...


  • Randomfrog
  • Sr. Wario
  • Exotoro
  • CSketch
  • CryoticYoshi
  • Drackula
  • SuperSmashBlender17

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