Fantendo: Alive Within is a 3D Beat 'em Up/Platformer with RPG elements for the Wii U and the Shooting Star, the game requires the ue of real life figurines like Disney Infinity or the Skylanders series.


The game has two "Sides", the Hero Side and the Villain Side, along with an extra chapter named "The Grand Finale" which is unlocked by completing both sides.

The main story starts out with the villains finding some incredibly powerful crystals which they use to cause chaos around the Fantendoverse, the crystals are so powerful that they're able to vanquish the people of the Fantendoverse to an unknown plane of existence known as "Realla", where they're petrified for the rest of eternity. However, when Doomulus Grime ambushes Unten and Zerita, Unten fights him and smacks the crystal away from him, making it fall on the ground and break, this causes a giant explosion and messes with the other crystals, causing them to break and cause enormous explosions which transport everyone to Realla. Doomulus Grime, Unten and Zerita, who grabbed one shard of the crystal each before the explosion, drop them in their petrified form and fall in the same spot, they start forming together and make a strange artifact. After this, you're put in the shoes of a strange being named "Yuu", that travel around universes looking for a purpose in their existence, when they come across the petrified beings and see the artifact, when they try to put one of the petrified heroes on-top of it, the hero re-appears once again in the Fantendoverse, after sending Unten back to his universe, Yuu names the artifact "The Crystal Pedestal". After realizing it can only send two people at a time, Yuu sends Unten and Doomulus Grime, who each ask Yuu to help them get the crystals before the other, at this point the game splits into the two Sides, though the story is almost the same thing (collecting the crystals to save/conquer the Fantendoverse).


The game plays on a 3D perspective as you run around stages and find crystal shards and fight enemies in a mostly open-world environment.

You must buy the figurines in real life and place them on the NFC Spot in the Wii U (or use The Crystal Pedestal add-on that comes with the game on the Shooting Star), the game comes with 3 starter figurines: Unten, Zerita and Doomulus Grime, that way you can play Hero Side, Villain Side and Co-Op, the rest must be bought on stores.

The game also has RPG elements, you can collect and equip items, upgrade your stats, unlock new powers and skills, making each figurine unique.


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