Fantendo (1987)
Fantendo 6502
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release Date(s)
1987 (Japan)

1988 (US)

Genre(s) Chat system
Predecessor none
Successor none..

Fantendo is a personal computer released by Nintendo on 11 April 1987. It is the first (and last) Nintendo PC,  and due to its failure, Nintendo decided to continue to make consoles and video games.

The system could only work with NintenDOS, a text-based online chat service connected to the internet with a modem.



Back in 1987, Nintendo was still progressing in their project to rule the world, they wanted to make a micro computer which sends subliminal messages to its owners to force them to  buy Nintendo's products and destroy SEGA's ones. Unfortunately, Nintendo's CEO, Hiroshi Yamauchi, thought it would be too harsh. Instead, Nintendo worked on a PC that would connect all Nintendo's fans around the world in a single chat room to spread the Nintendo "Way of Life", they called it Fantendo (fan+nintendo) . Due to the existence of only one chat room, Fantendo quickly became messed up (spam, glitches, hacks...). The access to the Fantendo network was shut down by Nintendo on 25 November 1988 as a result to the system's commercial failure (only 500,000 units sold in Japan and US)


During the year 200X, some disturbed fans decided to revive thr project under the name "Nintendo Fanon Wiki" to allow random guys like me to create this kind of stuff...


Fantendo is now an average wiki and the chat still exists, however Nintendo doesn't own it...