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Shortcut: F:R
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When you want to link here, you only need to type [[F:R]] instead of the full link.
Welcome to Fantendo Resources! Here, you can see galleries of artwork, good quality images, all you need for boxarts, and more! Just click one of the circles below and start looking for what you need.

The resources are in alphabetical order so please keep it that way when adding an icon!

NOTE: Please only add high-quality series here. All others will be melted, smashed, and devoured.
More rules can be found here.

FRAnimalIcon FRNESIcon FRMotherIcon FRFireEmblem FRF-ZeroIcon FRG&WIcon FRGoldenSunIcon FRIcarusIcon FRKirbyIcon FRZeldaIcon FRLegendStarfyIcon FRMetroidIcon FRPikmin2Icon FRPokemonIcon FRPunchOutIcon FRRhythmIcon FRStarFox2Icon FRMarioIcon FRSSBIcon

3rd Party
FRMegaManIcon FRPac-ManIcon FRRaymanIcon FRSonicIcon Sugar Rush Icon SMB Resources Icon

FR3.14 FRapples AoW Resources Icon FRBeardedIcon FRBombellIcon Cheesecryptorsresources FRCursedEnigmaIcon FRDarkFungi FRDashed FRDoodleland FRDoubleJ FRDREW2Icon FRElementWarriorsIcon FREllaMIcon FREternalDuskIcon FRFishIcon FRFlameIcon Forgotten Unity Somethingsomething FRSmileIcon FRSavantIcon FRHood'emsIcon FRiPenguin FRJackIcon FRKidKibaIcon FRLitlePIcon FRMcBooIcon FRMrChilliIcon FRNightwolf FRNinjaScriptsIcon FROsakaverseIcon FRPurple FRPushersPileIcon FRRoboIcon FRScoutryIcon FRTaBookiIcon FRGemstonesIcon FRTeardropIcon FRThunderr FRUntenIcon FRVineWarrior VoidverseIcon Wheelzenresources FRWingedIcon Yoloicon FRYoshiEgg

FRBackgroundIcon FRBoxartIcon FRMusicIcon FRPropsIcon Murrio amy boo | Voices | Sprites | Flags | SSB Series Symbols


  • No sprites or non-transparent images are allowed in the galleries.
  • If you're creating a new page, remember to use the template for the creation of the icon.
    • When using the template, do NOT resize or trim it. It should be kept 64 × 64 pixels.
    • The icons you make with the template should be transparent. Check the full version to see if something's transparent. Save the template on your computer and open it via an image editing program that supports transparency (like GIMP).
    • Remember to keep the icons in alphabetical order when adding a new one.
    • It is advised to use the main character of a series to fit in with the others. If a series have several major main characters who are even each, try to fit them in one icon.
  • If you're creating a new page, remember to always make the galleries cropped, in portrait style, and 100px.
  • The only allowed 3rd Party series in Fantendo:Resources are the ones that have appeared on Nintendo consoles, and still do. If you're adding a series that doesn't appear (anymore) on Nintendo consoles, it will be deleted without warning.
    • We also do not accept series that didn't originate as video games (like LEGO or Star Wars). They'll also get deleted without warning.
    • You shouldn't claim aforementioned disallowed series as your own. Seeing one of these games at the Fantendo section, and it will be deleted.
      • Above rule actually counts for allowed series, too, but if the icon is from good quality, it will be moved to its respected section instead.
  • If you're making an image transparent, make sure it is the full version of the image. The full version could be much larger than the shrunken example and can be accessed by clicking the image on it's file page.

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