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I have a dream that this wiki will rise up and live out its true potential. I have a dream that one day old articles and games will not be abandoned and rot. I have a dream that stubs will one day become the articles they are meant to be. I have a dream that all articles will be categorized. JesseRoo (t|b|c) has had these dream as well, or something similar. JesseRoo (t|b|c) has proposed measures to give this wiki a more comfortable feel. Of course, this wiki would be much more comfortable if those abandoned characters and games were not rotting, but were rather well off and taken care of. This wiki would be much more comfortable if stubs would be expanded to the articles they are meant to be. This wiki would be much more comfortable if all articles were categorized. To make this wiki more comfortable and increase the together-ness of our community, the official Fantendo Improvement Drive has been created. The Fantendo Improvement Drive will aim for these to expand stubs, categorize all articles, and continue old, clearly abandoned games and fan-fics. So I urge you, all of you great Fantendo contributors, to focus on these issues more and help improve our community.

The Improvement Drive is dedicated to improving our wiki's lacking areas. By participating, not only are you making Fantendo look better, but you are also participating in the community. Constant maintenance also helps admins consider one for promotion. Questions go on the talk page.

Areas of Focus


Wario Land: Touch TroubleMario: World of ArtSonic & Sega Superstar RumbleMario Golf: The Chance/QuotesLucario (series)Fantendoverse CupSuper Mario: Minigames OlympicSuper Smash Bros. Blast (ACL)Kamen Rider x Nintendo x SEGA x Namco Bandai (1337doom's Version)Team Gemstones: Domhanda Domination

One of the biggest problems. To make things more difficult, many abandoned projects have not been tagged with templates. You must find it in yourself to go through piles of old games, and pick up ones you find interesting. Adopt them, and improve them as if you had created them yourself.

It may be hard to determine whether a game/fic is abandoned. If it has not been edited for over a month (without being complete, of course) or the user who created it is no longer active, it's up for grabs. If the user is still active though, make sure to check with them if you can improve it first. Some more abandoned material can be found here.


Stubs are articles that could be expanded, but due to their author's laziness; aren't. Here are some random stubs to fix:

User:Official FantendoTalk:Mario Tackle Touchdown!/@comment-McZaky29-20121003191246Fantendo Figurine Fighters/Portal Central StationMetaverseBonus DoorUltra FlowerRoast ThornWatermelloneerDark CloudGrand Estate

However, many stubs are not in Category:Stubs and you will need to manually look for them and improve them. If a stub is a fanon character, consider adding them in one of your games to give them more info. Short pages, some of which have not been given the stub template, can be found here.


The one of the biggest areas to improve, simply add several categories to each page.

Fantendo Smash Bros. MeltdownPokémon Mystery Dungeon: Adventures to the Abyss & Journey to the Beyond


Simply upload an image to solve the problem here. If it's a fanon thing, it may be more difficult though..

Conker Games ProductionsFat Jim (character)Ghost KongGive-A-LiferPalm PortalsPyrojimRedYoshi seriesSir SnifitSuper Mario Bros. D.I.Y. ShowcaseVicktendo


Pages that are red-linked and need to be created.

See Special:Wantedpages


Orphaned pages are not linked from any other page, while dead-end pages do not link to any other page. Try solving both at once by linking to an orphaned page from a dead-end one.

See Special:Lonelypages and Special:Deadendpages


Double redirects lead to another redirect, so they have to be updated. Broken redirects lead to pages that are not created and should be deleted by a sysop.

See Special:DoubleRedirects and See Special:BrokenRedirects


Music or images that have no links to them. Create a gallery in articles to add lots more images in. You may need to tag some with the {{delete}} template.

See Special:Unusedimages


If you are a Sysop, there might be a lot of pages expecting deletion, for various reasons: their bad quality, spam, complete and utter nonsense, vandalism... The pages in the following link should be deleted by a Sysop.

Some of them are just candidates, and might have nothing wrong with them yet. If you find one of those, please take away the To Be Deleted tag.

See Category:ToBeDeleted.


The following articles are in need of a rewriting, maybe because they don't meet the standards, or because of multiple grammar flaws. You can rewrite those and help the community by, using the already available information about the article, doing a complete rewriting. This can be quite tedious, but sometimes, very helpful.

See Category:RewriteRequested.


There are a large amount of categories that are either incorrectly named or completely useless and it'd be beneficial to get these renamed or deleted.

See Category:Categories to be Renamed.

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