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M'boy, only the best of the best images can enter into the Image Hall of Fame.

Image Hall of Fame

Nominated Images

Each Image will be given a week deadline. If there are more oppositions, the nomination page will be deleted, If there are more supports, the image will make it into the hall of fame. If an Image has more supports by its end deadline, it'll have a * next to it.

What the Dickins is This?

Oh, what's that? What makes something enter into the Image Hall of Fame? Is that what you ask me? Well, there's a few simple criteria, m'boy:

  • The image must be well made and have not ſloppiness; ſloppiness is what led to the downfall of the Romans (not really) m'boy, and we don't want to end up like them do we now?
  • The image should emit excellent feng shui, meaning that it must look mondo, you dig?
  • The image must have soul, meaning that it is made with a TON with loving care, which may be rough or tender.
  • The image must be made by you, none of these professionally made images that big companies use their ludicrous amounts of moolah to make, giving them an unfair advantage.

So you see, the criteria are simple enou—huh? Oh, you want to know what program to use?

Well, Microsoft Paint is O.K. for starters, but let's face it, you have to work a lot harder to make things look good in there. Free downloadable programs like and The GIMP would be good choices, but it may be a challenge learning to use them. Of course, the more professional programs Paint Shop Pro and the favorite of many, Adobe Photoshop are expensive and highly more advanced than any of the other programs. They can be downloaded for free briefly, but you'll likely end up severely missing them after your trial expires. And if you can't download anything, the Deviantart Muro is good for 2D images.

How to nominate

Oh, did you want to nominate something my boy? Jolly good! To nominate, simply fill out the box with the right page.

Also, place this on the image:


If an image has 5 support and less than 2 oppose, it will enter the Hall of Fame and receive this template:


Opposes can be removed with a vote of 3.

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