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The featured articles of the wiki are articles that represent the best Fantendo has to offer. This is not a way to showcase the articles of your favorite characters, items, or the like, but non-fanon characters are still allowed to be featured. Fan-Fiction is also able to be featured.

Featured Articles

  1. YoshiEgg Nook
  2. WarioWare: Showing Off
  3. McBoo
  4. New Super Mario Bros. Omega
  5. New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y
  6. Teardrop (Game)
  7. Hooly
  8. Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse
  9. The Factor
  10. Teardrop 2: Journey through the Sea
  11. iPenguin (Game)
  12. Ella-Metals 3
  13. Aingeru
  14. S/Old
  15. Super Mario 3D World
  16. Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death
  17. Mario Hoops Wii
  18. Reverse Quantum Curse/Old
  19. Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest
  20. Mario Kart 8 Wii U
  21. Super Mario Gravitation
  22. Kirby's Adventure 3D
  23. Painterly
  24. Ice Climber: Age Of Ice
  25. Nintendo Jet Rush
  26. Mario Kart Silver
  27. Cellstruck
  28. Conquest Aeon
  29. Fighters of Lapis 3: Stargate
  30. Mario Rugby
  31. 3DS Party
  32. Super Smash Bros. Assemble
  33. Terra (AoW)
  34. Viva Piñata 3D Paradise
  35. Super Smash Bros. Fusion (ACL)
  36. Super 5mash Bros. 5
  37. Leah Needlenam
  38. Peter Pika (2015 game)
  39. Motor Chickz
  40. Mario Kart ULTIMATE
  41. Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend
  42. Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey
  43. Spider-Man: Webslinger
  44. Mr. Know It All
  45. Osiris
  46. Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms
  47. Electroworld
  48. Super Smash Bros. V
  49. Unten
  50. Radioactive
  51. Mario Kart 3DS
  52. Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Classic Featured Articles

Below is the list of featured articles which no longer meet up with the standards set by articles today. During the time that these articles were written, the expectations for articles were not very high, and thus practically anything with a hint of effort could be featured. Note that in the present, it would be unlikely for an article of such quality to be featured; while they may not be bad, they are not the highest of quality and certainly not something that should be aimed at.

Classic Featured Articles
  1. Majora's Mask 2: The Untold Legend of the Fierce Deity
  2. Super Paper Bros.
  3. Super Mario MHL
  4. Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty
  5. The Chronicles of Henry the Moose
  6. Pokemon Iron and Amber
  7. Litle P and Sandslash Series
  8. Ghost Smile (game)
  9. Sonic DS Blast
  10. Police Acadamy (series)
  11. Mario Power Tennis 2
  12. Pokemon Copal
  13. Sonic Speedball RPG
  14. Sonic Speedball RPG II: The Coming of Chaos!
  15. Punch-Out Revolution!!
  16. Super Mario Bros. 2010
  17. Hey You, Pichu!
  18. Pokémon Aquamarine & Peridot Versions
  19. Wrapped Up
  20. Nintendo Heroes: Saga of Darkness
  21. Kirby's Mega Soccer
  22. Super Mario Bros.: Diaper Duty DS
  23. The Legend of Zelda: Hour of Twilight
  24. Pokémon - Torn Dreams
  25. Kirby Super Star Omega
  26. Johto
  27. Kanto
  28. Twisted Evil
  29. Clyde

Nominated Articles

A deadline of two weeks will be given to each nomination. If the article meets all of our standards and the requirements below in terms of how many supports they have, the article will be in line for being featured. The system of supporting will lead to being passed if it is as follows.

  • There must be at least twice as many supports as opposes.
  • There must be an equal or greater amount of admin supports than opposes.


The dates listed below are the dates for when the article will be featured. The articles will be on the main page for one week before being changed to whichever is next in line. Please link to the nomination page, not the article to be featured!


If you nominate an article, please link the nomination page here.

What makes a featured article?

So just what makes a featured article? Well, we've prepared a list just in case someone should ask that, and it is as follows.

An article must...

  1. well written and detailed
  2. unbiased, non-point of view
  3. sourced with all available sources and appearances
  4. stylized fairly nicely
  5. ...not be tagged with any sort of improvement tags
  6. ...have a reasonable amount of red links; use common sense
  7. ...have a complete, detailed biography if it's a character article
  8. ...not have been previously featured
  9. notable (have significant content)
Note: Opinions also matter. Articles that meet all criteria may not be featured, or articles that do not meet all the criteria may be featured. Please keep this in mind as you nominate an article.
Note: A nomination may be canceled if any of the requirements are not met, also it does not need a box art.

How to Nominate:

Just add the desired article at the end of the box. (If the article you wish to feature has already had a nomination, replace the N1 in the title with N followed by the number of times the page has been nominated. For example, if this is the third time it has been nominated, put N3.

Also, ADD this to the top of every nominee's article: {{FANOM}}. If it is a follow-up nomination, use as {{FANOM|2}} or with the appropriate number in its place.

How to vote:

  1. Before doing anything, be sure to read the article completely, keeping a sharp eye out for mistakes.
  2. Afterwards, compare the article to the criteria listed above, and then either support or oppose the article's nomination.
    1. If you object, please supply concrete reasons for doing so, and how it can be improved.
  3. Supporters are expected to help fix the problems pointed out by objectors and contact them to reevaluate the article. Anyone else can pick up this project as well.
  4. Once all objectors' complaints have been solved (or the article has 5 supports and no objections after at least a week), the article will be added to the queue and be officially known as a "featured article".

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