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This page is the starting point for Fantendo editors. Feel free to introduce yourself to the Fantendo community here. Don't be shy!

Make a new section with ==Topic Name== and sign your comments with ~~~~. Suggestions and comments of Fantendo generally go here too. Past discussions are archived.

This is a also a place to request a feature or a removal of one. Mark those topics with a title like "Feature Please:(feature here), or Remove This:(feature here).


I am "new" here. I've been to Fantendo but never started to create anything until today. I am currently making a Mother game called Mother Unleashed. I will like some good advice to my article. It is not complete and it won't be for awhile because I like things to be perfect. Anyway Thanks :3 I also have a Youtube channel called GoldenSpoink ;) GoldenScare (talk) 03:08, May 14, 2013 (UTC)


Um, help! My editing page looks different! I dont know why but it only shows the normal one as a tiny window and there is a big white one with a ton of code! What the hell!?  If anyone knows how to fix this plese tell me! And if this is wikia's fault and a wikia person sees this, set it back to normal!!!

When a page is locked from editing because of vandalism or being a high-traffic page, that's how it appears. SMG BlueLumaLumoshi (Talk)Mario riding Yoshi

Odd. I't's not blocked, is it? Because I'm editing it, am i not? But this appears on every page! So it can't be either... Odd.

I dunno, this isn't happening to me. SMG BlueLumaLumoshi (Talk)Mario riding Yoshi

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