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Welcome to Fantendo's Blog! Here you can see the sysop's last announcements!

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    August 31, 2014 by Marinasaka

    so. obviously there are flaws with the way we run the wiki and we all can agree that things must be done

    first of all, we're changing the rules to be more equal so its not a "double standard"

    second, lumoshi was promoted to bureaucrat to have a bit less bias. also pablo was repromoted to sysop the other day, less important

    third, we will be changing the punishments for rules. probably more based on warnings rather than immediate bans as done before and for the length of bans to be less long.

    also fourth, we may be having a sysop elections within the next few days due to the loss of two sysops (tom and soupy)

    thanks, and please stick with us and hang in there while we try to make this community a better place to be in

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    The Lapis Wiki made a rule of this, as well. The rule is pretty much specifically referring to the Lapis Wiki, however it will apply to other communities granted that the time ever comes.

    The rule says:

    If there is drama taking place in another community or wiki, you are not allowed to bring it to this wiki. Or, if there is drama taking place in this community, you are not allowed to take it to another community. Forms of taking drama to other communities includes users from this wiki vandalizing, spamming, or really breaking any of our above rules intentionally on the other community specifically for the sake of a joke from this community.

    So basically don't vandalize Lapis Wiki if you support Fantendo and don't vandalize Fantendo if you support the Lapis Wiki or don't bring the argument to the other wiki or anything, or the same thing in any other situation based around a wiki feud. Got it?

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    after the last community vote to demote the five inactive bureaucrats, "yes" won but wikia decided that they would demote everyone but Plumber, even though only like 5 people voted not to demote Plumber and didn't even give valid reasons why we shouldn't

    we think he should be demoted due to the fact that he hasn't used his powers since 2011 and has only showed up a couple times to respond to messages on his talk page since then, so he really has no need to keep his powers at this point

    so post in the comments with yes or no again, but if you vote "no" please give a valid reason why you think he needs to keep his powers this time

    • Yes (20)
    • No (6)
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    So, we currently have five crats who all are inactive, being Shrub, Cow, Henry, Jesse, and Plumber. So, I'd like to take a vote on if we should or should not have these crats demoted, because there's no point in them having their powers.

    So, just post in the comments, yes or no.

    • Yes (23)
    • No (1)
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    less important: the wiki is in flames and the ghosts have come out

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    May 25, 2014 by Marinasaka

    As a follow up to the previous blog, Pablo, Tom, and Soupy have been promoted to sysop and Elise has been promoted to crat.

    Congratulations to them!

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    May 24, 2014 by Heartphilia

    So, on chat, we were discussing Tucker's leaving and the possible promotion of new sysops and crats.

    So, in the comments, can you vote just yes or no-- nothing more-- over the following things.

    Promotion of Tom, Soupy, and Pablo to sysop and promotion of Elise to crat.

    • Yes: 24
    • No: 3

    • Yes: 29
    • No: 2

    • Yes: 17
    • No: 10

    • Yes: 25
    • No: 6

    Keep it civilized, please!

    The voting has concluded! Thanks for participating!

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    just saying so that everyone knows that there are new rules that must be followed

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    January 8, 2014 by Toukolise

    so I made Fantendo:Skins so that people who want Pinktendo (or whatever else) can be happy, but we don't have to change the default skin from Untendo

    there's only the wikia.css for Pinktendo there right now, and I'm a nub with code so it doesn't layout very well on a non-css page Arend can you fix that

    but yeah, I hope that solves things!! nwn

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    Yoooo. I think that the community has obviously made its decision at this point, so the elections have concluded. The users who are being promoted are: Arend, Brochi, and Toad'ShyGuy! Congratulations!

    If you didn't win the election, don't feel down or anything. So, stay tuned for the 2015 elections!

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    Please read the full blog post before commenting!

    Yoooo. Now that we have ten candidates, I thought we may as well begin with voting for the three sysops who will be promoted! However, there are a few rules for voting that you will have to follow before you can vote.

    • If you want to vote, do so in the comments.
    • You can vote for three users. All three of your votes must go to different users.
    • Candidates can vote, but not for themselves! This is for professionality or something idk.
    • In order to vote, you must have joined before or on November 1, 2013. This is so that random new users don't vote.
    • Please don't change your vote! This is to avoid confusion!

    Now, here is the list of candidates that you may vote for (I already added my own votes).

    • Arend (17)
    • Toad'ShyGuy (13)
    • Brochi (13)
    • T0M.V.12 (10)
    • 1337doom (10)
    • PabloDePablo (10)
    • Lumoshi (9)
    • SuperMarioBro64 (8)
    • Sr.Wario (3)
    • Brockdilley (2)

    Voting has ended!

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    Please read the full blog post before commenting!

    Yooo. This is the blog for nominations of users for the upcoming sysop elections in January. In the comments, you may nominate yourself, and only yourself, for a possible candidate as sysop when the actual elections and voting takes place. However, there are some rules, first.

    The voting will take place on one of the first days of January; the official sysops will be chosen at the end of the day then. Three users will be chosen as sysop at the end of the elections. Also, we will only have ten nominees. Once ten people are approved and added to the list, then the nominations will end.

    • You may nominate yourself, and only yourself. This is to confirm that these people actually do want to be sysop.
    • You must have joined Fantendo before August 1, 2012. So, users who are unexperienced on the wiki can't nominate themselves.
    • You must be an active user. If you haven't contributed much in recent times, you may not run.
    • You may not have been banned in the past two years (with the exception of a requested ban). If you have been banned fairly recently, then you may not run.
    • You must be approved by a sysop or crat in a reply to your comment before you are added to the official list. Boop.
    • If you were previously a sysop, but were demoted, you may not run. Maybe next election, though!

    To nominate, just say so in the comments! Have fun or something I guess!!!

    1. I knew you were going to run so I already approved you and added you you're welcome
    2. you were also wanting to run you're welcome too

    Nominations are now closed! Voting will begin within the next few days!

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    February 17, 2012 by JesseRoo

    This is the poll that will decide whether we have the message wall or not.

    Maybe if people post pros and cons in the comments I can put them in this blog to help people come to a decision.

    The votes will be counted up approximately a week after this blog is posted. Get to it.

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    We now have Fan Games, Fan Game, Fan-Games, Fan games, Fan-Game and Fangame! We do not need seperate categories for simply writing the same thing differently!

    The Games category is okay, since it's for all Games, including those which aren't Fan Games, but we do not need all of those other categorization options. So, as a... uhh... am I still admin? Well anyway I'm staff on this site, so I believe I should fight against what is pretty much spam.

    Those are the only two choices. You do not write "Fan-Games", we are not having one of the words incorrectly capitalised and the category should be plural.

    Until we decide which of those we are using as the official category, I want all of you guys out there to go and spend your edits on something constructive: getting rid of the numerous duplicate categories that you've placed on all of these pages!

    Just don't get rid of the Fan Games category, or the Fangames category if the article has it.

    If you guys think I'm just being a bit obsessive compulsive or something, you can kindly complain but I do think that this is getting ridiculous and I'm sure some of the other staff agree with me.

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    As you all know better than me, today we had a little... conflict here on Fantendo. called something he didn't like, so his reaction was to ban Hemu at once, without any proper reason. Hemu was already unblocked by our dear friend and admin, , who also demoted RedYoshi. was repromoted to fill in RedYoshi's spot as sysop.

    Although you all want to, it's now forbidden to talk about this anymore: There's nothing else to be said. No blog posts can be made to talk about this, and the current ones were locked by me so that there can't be any comments. Undo this, and risk being warned. Also, you can talk about this on talk pages, without being offensive.

    Let me remind you that Fantendo is a community to make your own pieces of Nintendo fanon, not to gossip about users. There's nobody stopping you from doing tht through any means of private messaging, so if you want to gossip, just do it that way.

    Until further notice, this also applies to both #fantendo and the forums.

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