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Fantendo facts, history, and everything about us.

So, about Fantendo…

Fantendo, the video game fanon wiki, is a wiki for creating fanon, fiction and games that mostly pertain to Nintendo (however, ideas based on other companies' franchises are welcome as well), created in April 2007 by Plumber, a now inactive user. Fanon is fiction, so this is a wiki about creating fake articles on games that you think of, and also fake stories that you think of. We are very creative here, but keep a moderate level of standards so that we accept many users' ideas, but at the same time keep the wiki from being filled with badly-written work. In addition to creating games, users can discuss almost anything in the blogs or forums, converse with other users on the chat, and play forum games.

Some Questions You May Have

Fantendo sounds awesome! I wanna make a Smash Brothers/Paper Mario/Mario Kart/New Super Mario Bros. game!

Watch out! Jumping in and making one of those games without too many new things will make people see your game as unoriginal. Try to do something new and people will love it!

Well then, what can I make?

This is where creativity thrives! See if you can come up with something new, that's never been done here. Do a little research into existing pages and maybe pull a little from ideas of those pages. Like it's says up there, don't just jump on a fad bandwagon, create your own idea for an original or unique Nintendo game!

Can I make games or stories not related to Nintendo?

Sure! Fantendo has evolved to accept various other fanbases, and most original games and stories are more recognized in the community, such as our Fantendoverse. Try creating a unique story and see if people like it. If they do, you might want to create more original works! And don't be afraid to express your interests in other franchises that don't belong to Nintendo. Who knows? There might be someone here who shares a few of your interests!

Wait, can I make a comic on here, too?

Heck yeah! Comics, choose-your-own-adventures, card or board games... we will accept and in fact thrive in any special formats of creativity you may have made work in!

Cool! Any more handy information?

Look over the other Fantendo Help sections for info on our rules and standards. Also, check out the tutorials section to learn how to do something here you may not have known!

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