Fantendo's Quest (Name pending) is a Fan-Fic by Micool26. Anybody can add to it. (Like in Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!!)


There is a place called Fantendo. It has brave heroes, magnificent creatures and is a very interesting world all together. Yet it is not always great, for there is evil approaching this land. Luckily, our heroes are prepared for whatever comes there way. (The Smart ones anyways) Our heroes will try there best to defeat this evil and save their land from from darkness, like they have for years.


Nugg was on his way to Micool the Master's Castle, whistling a merry tune as he roamed down Fantendo's streets and corners on his bike, Purple Koopa Bro. close behind him, Micool the Master was having dinner with the other fantendians that night, but a small portal opened up, and a strange figure pops out, Purple Koopa Bro. hops on Nugg's back and the two run to the castle, the figure behind them...

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