This is the third episode of Fantendo's Daily Doom, entitled Showdown.

Blue Team is waking up.

Zerita: Wow. That sleep could've been a whole lot better.
Cass Ayers: Does no one else realize that Unten cheated?
Anna: I guess not.
Guaptain: Hey, there's something Bowie said during my segment.
Zerita: What's that?
Guaptain: "All's fair in the game of relay racing". What if that applies to alll challenges? I mean, Fire set the forest on fire, and no one stopped him.
Zerita: So, what you're saying is...we should cheat?
Red: Hey, all's fair. for me.
January: I say we try today, with whatever challenge they give us.
Zerita: Okay, maybe it'll work.

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