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Fantendo's Daily Doom
Creator(s) Rocky (tbc)
Producer(s) Rocky (tbc)
Distributor(s) Rocky (tbc)
Broadcaster(s) Rocky (tbc)
Genre(s) Survival/Comedy
Season(s) Currently one; hopefully more.
Episodes 10-15 desired
Fantendo's Daily Doom is a TV series created by Rocky (tbc), starring 20 Fantendo characters competing, winning challenges, and killing each other off. Characters are split into two basic teams-Red Team and Blue Team, similar to Total Drama. In each day, characters compete in challenges they are assigned to perform. At the end of the day, someone from the losing team is killed. The show continues until all but one characters have died.


Unten (captain) Zerita (captain)
Tom Fire
Bowie General Scotch
Hama Anna
John Leah
Mika Sho Guaptain
Drake Cass Ayers
Redd January
Reese Red
Flip (Killed in Episode 1) NinJon (Killed in Episode 2)


# Name Synopsis Release Date
1 Trapped Twenty Fantendo heroes are sent to a seemingly empty cave, and multiple villains threaten them with death if they do not complete their challenges. June 23rd, 2015
2 Racing With Flip gone, Red Team now stands at a disadvantage as they are forced to perform a relay race in a hidden obstacle course. June 25th, 2015
3 Showdown One character is gone from each team. With it evened out, the teams are put in a gladiator arena against each other. Meanwhile, the supposed dead Flip and NinJon explore for an escape. June 28th

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