The passengers woke up and Captain tossed them mops.


PKB: But this is a vacation!


McBoo got scared and started to jump off. PKB, Rose, Karma, Timer, Baby Karma and the others thought he did, so they felt happy for him. They all started mopping, then PKB found McBoo fainted before jumping off.

PKB: Oh, right. He can't survive in water.


PKB quickly mopped more. McBoo soon woke up and helped Rose with the cooking. Suddenly, PKB accidently tripped Karma with his mop.

Karma: Hey! What didja do THAT for?!

PKB: It was an accident.

Karma: Yeah, right!

Karma punched PKB, and he karate-kicked back. They started fighting and got close to falling off. Karma almost did, but PKB caught her.


PKB: Hold on!

Karma saw a blooper and closed her eyes. It reached for her. PKB pulled, but she was too heavy.

PKB: Timer, help!

Quickly, Timer grabbed PKB's legs and pulled. The blooper was reaching higher. PKB and Timer pulled harder. Then, the blooper grabbed Karma's hands and pulled. PKB and Timer pulled back. Suddenly, PKB's hands slipped a little.

PKB: I'm losing my grip!

Timer: Rose!!! Help!

Rose ran in and grabbed Timer. McBoo grabbed Rose. Suddenly, Captain shoved McBoo. McBoo's hands slipped and PKB and Karma fell into the water with the blooper. Timer, McBoo and Rose gasped. Captain was angry.

Captain: GET TO WORK!

Timer: Not until Karma and PKB are saved!


Timer: No!

Captain punched and Timer, but he dodged. Timer punched back, and Captain wasn't quick enough to dodge. Suddenly, Rose saw Karma. She went to the top of the water and was pulling PKB's glove. Rose tapped McBoo and he looked too. Quickly, McBoo grabbed Rose's hand as Rose jumped to grab Karma. Rose grabbed her and pulled. Soon, PKB's unconscious body came up and McBoo pulled them back onto the ship. Captain had been knocked out, and it was night time. Everyone went to bed.

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