One day, PKB and Rose were sitting at home watching TV

Mailman: Mail call!

(PKB walks outside and picks up the mail.)

PKB: What's this?

(PKB goes back inside)

PKB: Rose! We've been invited on a cruise!

Rose: We don't have the money for a cruise.

PKB: It's free.

(Rose stands up.)

Rose: So what are we waiting for? Let's go!

(They go to the docks where there are other people with similar invitations.)

McBoo: Look!

(They all see a giant cruise ship.)

All: Oooooooooooooh, Aaaaaaah...

(They walk up the gangplank into the ship.)

Captain: Welcome aboard! I'll show you to your rooms!

(The captain takes them all to separate rooms, each designed especially for it's occupant.)

Captain: Get some sleep! We'll be departing later today.

(Everyone lays down and falls asleep.)

Late that night...

(A dark figure enters each room and pours sleeping powder on each person.)

???: Hehehe...

(He leaves. The ship sails into a cloud of fog and comes out as... A pirate ship! We see that the "rooms" are actually jail cells. and that the figure is, the Captain!)

Captain: MWAHAHA!!!

How will this all end? What will become of the Fan-Characters? Find out on the next episode of Fantendo's Cruiser Adventure!

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