Fantendno is a dimension used as a garbage dump similar to The Wasteland except wasteland characters were forgotten as opposed to Fantendno ones where they were simply phased out for 

Known Fantendno Characters

Image Name Notes
Bad Fuckin'
  • Leader of Bad Fuckin'
  • wielder of the DROS
  • can teleport between Fantendno and Fantendnoverse 
  • Has cool rainbow anime shades
FilricTheHedgehog Firic Da Hedgehoog
  • Second in command of Fantendno
  • Is Sonic's "brother"
  • Has control over fire. 
  • can run faster than the speed of mind
  • Defends the realm of Midulrule.
  • That brown stuff is part of his totally proffesional robe.
  • is able to enter computers do to being partially digitized
  • He's a WAAAYULD party guy.
  • Is a fusion of Sonic and Yoshi. 
  • is corrupted due to his rituals to the god Unevener Fortes
  • has 3 blue tendrils sticking out the back of his head


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