Developer(s) Scarlet Dawn Studios
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2013
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2013
1 Player Adventure and 4 Player Battle Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Fantendashers is a racing game for the Wii U produced by Scarlet Dawn Studio. It features users from Fantendo as racers and various original series courses, items, refrences ect.




Icon Kart Description Special Item


"The Plazz"


Plazzap, ready to race and rumble created this whole race. He loves speed and has a thing with lightning!  Magic Carrot: A carrot that summons Velvi. When summoned Velvi stays on Plazzap's kart and creates three bubbles that surround the kart and can be thrown. Bubbles pop on contact when a wall is touched. When thrown bubbles pass through players making them spin out and steal any held items. Any items stolen will become the Plazzap's to use afterward.
Locky The Blue Cheater Locky, a good friend of Plazzap is ready to-cheat? Is that even possible without hacking or buying an action replay? Anyways we know he wants to win so let the race commence! Yurei: Yurei appears and posseses a Kart for a short amount of time.
Ochibrochi The Lazy Pixel Ochibrochi has a hand when it  comes to art! Although more inactive than most users her art always gets into the hall of fame! But is her art as good as her driving. Only time will tell. Cupcakes! Summons Trixie Farl who rapidly throws cupcakes at the immediate opponent behind the player, blocking their view and/or slowing them down.
Tom Poison Puffer Fantendo's greatest, most musical musician.  He's a big fan of art and makes some mean 2D artwork! Not to mention him and Doh are on an allience so you better not start a war. Poison Panic: A circle of poison flames surrounds the kart, making it invincible. The player can also shoot infinite poison balls at opponents.
Rick Dreamy Snow Star Rick uses Powerpoint in super resorseful ways! He even composes his own 3D artwork in a different style! But most of all he has a heart of gold and a kart that really rolls! no seriously, it rolls. That last line ment nothing. No seriously it ment nothin- YonenBooe: Rick will summon YonenBooe who will use his magical gold to move or spin out opponents.
The Pehblo Bus He's just a dude doing stuff and whatnot. Volt Whistle:Pablo pulls out a whistle and Volt comes to the track, zapping people who drive by Pablo.



Blazing Star I'm assuming he's at least decent at basketball so don't make any blind assumpions! Doh makes some rad, bad artwork that will, uhhh.. break your good art veiwing glasses due to amazment. Lets see if he can race! Fiery Mallet: Doh summons a large mallet which is capable of creating fire eruptions everywhere near foes, he can also smash foes with the mallet itself.



Green Eagle Pushy:Summons Pesh, who will command a Pushy to follow the race track, instantly to the opponent on 1st place. While Pesh is active, three other Pushies defend the kart.
Wario The Greedy Garlic Johnny Rampage: Johnny Dog hops out of The Greedy Garlic and shoots everyone ahead of Wario with his pistol.


Stormy Angel Thunder Bracelet: This item allows the player to throw thunderbolts to flip players. Depending on how long charged it can be thrown to the player that is one rank higher or the player in 1st.



Blue Comet Mr. Magnet: A Mr. Magnet is summoned, pulling the nearest racer towards KMM. He then throws the Mr. Magnet away, with the victim still being attracted to it.

"The Ninja"

Swiss Delight Rocky is a cool guy who is into cheese, ninjas, and penguins. He is racing against Plazz and some other guys. NinJon: Summons NinJon who runs alongside Rocky. When used, he jumps towards a kart and slashes, making it flip out.
Jake Night Spear   Pokéball: summons a Pokémon from  Pokémon Indigo and Violet
Simispore - Spit Assault
Valleon- Feather Dash
Unistorm - Electric Storm
Empragon - Bug Bullet
Shewvoyary - Virtuostorm
Hayden Flaming Frenzy Legendary Weapons: Summons Hayden, Aiden, and Zach's weapons (Sword of the Gods, Staff of the Gods, and the Legendary Bow) to circle the player and attack any other racers who drive by.
Brock Dashing Driver Pinti: Summons Pinti who stays on the back and throws crystal shards.
IP The Mystery Good or bad? Nobody knows. IP is just there, emotionless. But that dosen't mean he can't race. Nobody even knows why he attends in the first place. Log In?: When used a log-in pop-up appers in the middle of everybody's screen but IP's. IP's speed is also boosted while doing so.
Troll Troublazer A rather mean user who is always up to no good! He loves to win and races just to annoy! Flame: Troll throws a flame that moves accross the road and flips out anyone who comes in contact with it. It will grow if any items come in contact with it.



Series Name Description Rarity
None Cake A super delicious item that (for some really odd reason) gives the users kart a short, but very effective speed boost. Semi-Common
None Melon A juicy fruit that whould be delicious to cut up and eat but whould you risk staying off task and plummet off a cliff. So yeah, roll these big fruits across the ground. If it hits a player, they flip out. Common
None Oil Drum A dru- er bucket (let's just put it that way) that at the time is very useless. Well thats a lie beacuse with it you could create an oil spill that spins out opponents but dissapers on contact of them. Common
None Poly-Wheels A "fabulous" product by Not-so Steller Studios. This item has a wonderful effect to stop pepole from getting speeding tickets! It makes the player that is one rank ahead gain polygonal wheels! Now they drive slow and turn very akwardly. Now that's driving! Note that this product isn't garenteed to effect things forever. So it will wear off in like ten seconds. I hope you like your purchase! Uncommon
None Sack Ghost A sack, that when flipped upside down, becomes a ghost. This creepy ghoul searches for someone with an uncommon or rare item and steals it. Bringing that item to the user. Semi-Rare
None Magic Cake The best item ever! It (for some extremely odd reason) makes the player's kart invaunurable to all items and makes players flip out on contact. It also makes the user two times as fast! But it only lasts for like 10 secounds. Rare
Boy in Blue Poision Balls Allows the player to throw an unlimited amount of Poison Balls for a short amount of time. Anyone hit spins out. Uncommon
Bombell Bombell Bombell will seek out the player in first and explode. Rare
Quest of the Ninja Slam Hammer The player grabs a large hammer and flings it. The hammer targets the person ahead of the thrower and slams down, knocking the kart into the sky! Uncommon
Pokémon Indigo and Violet Quartz Fossil It summons the Pokémon, Quartzeon, who uses Cliff Power. Rare
Rise of the Darkness Goop When used, many Goops cover the track, and driving into one covers that player's screen with the black, icky substance that Goops are made of. Semi-Common
Pinti Land Super Cape Crystals circle kart, protecting it. Rare

More Coming Soon


Note: If two karts have the same category both karts are slightly diffrent but equal.

Name Usable by... Type Description
User Cruiser Anyone Balanced A basic white and red kart that everbody can use. 
Monsteer Anyone Power A large, blue monster truck with wite flame patterns on the sides and large, yellow wheels.
Table Turner Anyone Handling A yellow, antique car with a large golden star on the front.
Buball Anyone Acceleration A green, suacer-like that containsthe driver on the top in a bubble.
Zip-Zapper Plazzap Speed Handling A lime green/yellow kart that has an apperance of a spear head. It includes many edgy patterns and lighning bolt designs. The wheels are rather large.
Blue Cheater Locky Balanced Speed
The Lazy Pixel Ochibrochi Balanced Handling
Poison Puffer Tom Balanced Acceleration
Dreamy Snow Star Rick Handling Acceration
The Pehblo Bus Pablo Power Handling A small bus sloppily painted orange with its roof cut off.
Blazing Star Doh Speed Acceleration
Green Eagle Arend Balanced Speed A stylized green and lime sports car.
The Greedy Garlic Wario Power A large tank like kart with gold paint and a garlic emblem.
Stormy Angel Tenshi TBA Similar to a Formule One with a green palette. 
Blue Comet KMM Speed A small, bright blue kart which is simply based on a comet.
Swiss Delight Rocky Speed Accleration A speedy little motorbike decorated like cheese. It is very fast and larger than most karts.
Night Spear Jake Handling Speed A simple kart based on the design of Zoroark, with dark aura around it.
Blazing Fire Hayden Speed Accleration A small and quick red, orange, and black kart that is based on fire.
Dashing Driver Brock Handling A regular, red vehicle.
Troublazer Troll Power     Speed
The Mystery IP Diffirent Everytime


IP Cup User Cup Sysop Cup Admin Cup Community Cup
Plumber Circuit Wario Bank Cromar's Terror Track
Pinti Land Pin-Striped Plains Fantendo City
Season Temple Electron Circuit Celestiral Cididel
Profile Cup Talk Cup Blog Cup Contribuions Cup Prefrences Cup
Rocky's Mountain
Majestic Mountain

Course Info

Normal Cups

Plumber Circuit


Pinti Land

Series:Pinti Land

Many things from Pinti Land. Dr. Dasterdly will sometimes appear and abduct character, taking them ahead.

Season Temple

Series:Pokemon Indigo and Violet A temple where the 4 Season Kings battle. Drive through sections of 4 seasons: Spring, a Grass Haven with Huge Plants and Falling Trees; Summer, a Hot Desert, with huge Cacti and many Ground Pokémon popping up from the ground; Autumn: A Wood with strong winds and lakes to drive through and Winter: A Snowy Mountainous area with avalanches occuring every minute.

Wario Bank

Series:None A large bank that has money falling everywhere. A 3 lap course. Being a building Wario Bank includes 90 degree turns and only 90 degree turns. Try to avoid getting crushed by coins!

Pin-Striped Plains


A strange, bouncy pinball-like track that has three laps to go through. Pin-Spriped plains is most always surrounded by bumpy walls. The racers should start by making a few turns and dodging a bunch of blocks that will trip the player. Afterwards a narrow bridge over a small stream will be crossed with a shortcut of bounct lily pads acsessable. After crossing the bridge the players will acsess the bumper area: an area with huge space and bumpers that obviously bump players. After the bumper area the track will restart.

Electron Curcuit

Series:Cheese Cryptors/Ninjon/Artic Terror  A largeish track that features Electric Enterprises's three main series's: Cheese Cryptors, NinJon, and Arctic Terror. The track is cut into three parts: the cheese world, Ninja Central, and The Arctic.

Cromar's Terror Track

Series:Boy in Blue A dangerous and dark trip through the kingdom Cromar. It's a 2 lap course. You start at the place where the Terror Towers used to be, and after you made it through the dead forest, you'll cross the Howl River. The course then leads you to the Moon Mountain to eventually make your way back to the forest.

Celestrial Cidadel


Special Cups

Rocky's Mountain

Series:None A mountain range full of boulders and some little drawings Rocky made that hurt you. It has two laps, as the course itself is very large.

Majestic Mountain


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