Producer(s) Fantendo
Distributor(s) Fantendo
Broadcaster(s) Rowan Productions
Type Anime
First Air Date(s)
Season(s) 1
Episodes  ???
Runtime 20 minutes (not including commercials)
Status Looking For Characters
Fantendanime is a new TV show by Rowan Productions and Rowan Network.

NOTE: If you dont want a character in this show, another option is to voice a character

NOTE2: In credits, you must use real first and last name, though in the characters table, just put your username.


Series Name Pic Voice Actor
Mighty Willy Universe Willy
Mighty Willy Universe Jen
Mighty Willy Universe Woofbot
Mighty Willy Universe Meowbot
Wilsing Wilsing
Bill Y Bill Y
Mighty Willy Universe Master Coloura
Mario Fanon Boovishell
Kirby VR Molgar
The 8 Medallions Donovan
Terry the Koopa Terry the Koopa
Mighty Willy Universe Kiri
Mighty Willy Universe NuberDuber
Pokemon Fanon Luckee
Chao Party Gumchie
Chao Party Inyuro
Chao Party Choyro
Chao Party Halloweny
A Brave Oshawott Adventure Oshawoly
Super Poke Bros Maractario



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