Fantencritic is a non-profit project to get collective scores for mainly Fantendo games but other content on the wiki as well. It is funded and owned by Wario Inc. and supported by many other companies of the Fantendo family. It is not related to Metacritic but does have similar content to Metacritic.

Review shows and Users partnered


Sign completed or near completed games up here for our critics to review so we can get a collective score. Mario Party Xtreme

Games Reviewed

None so far, but you can change that by signing up a game.


Sr.Wario brought up the idea through a blog update on July 7, 2013. Although some went against the idea it mainly got approval and was launched 3 days after.


How we decide if a game is the best or worst.

Universal Acclaim Critical Acclaim Favorable Average Universally Hated
95-100 90-100 75-89 60-74 Anything below 60

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