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It is time for the greatest Fantendoverse thing ever! Fantenbrawl! Each week we are going to have two characters fighting, however it needs your help!

How does this work?

As mentioned before, each two weeks, two characters (it can be characters, locations, games, items, users, anything actually) fight against eachother. Then the users choose which character they like more and support them, the character who has more votes in a 3-days period wins.

NOTE: You don't put votes on the comment section. You put your votes on the character votes section, along with your sig and the reason.


Go here for the beginning of Round 1.

Round 2, part 1

Battle 23: NinJon vs. Hayden

The quick and skilled ninja goes up against the fiery, sword-using hero.

Votes for NinJon
Votes for Hayden
  • He's a lot more fleshed out Peace Love Unity Respect
  • While I like NinJon since he's mine, I think Hayden is cooler and more original. --SDMK.
  • Hayden is better AingeruBoBTenshiThanatosBoBHey yo!HypnosBoB
  • Huh, this one was pretty hard since I love both of them, but I guess I'll go with Hayden. BabbyweegeeQyzxf Fawfulguydance
  • His art is way better.

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Battle 24: S vs. Blargg

Here we have the winged detective versus the canon lava dragon from the Super Mario series!

Votes for S
  • She is like a female James Bond and Dave combined. Kinda. -Brock
  • Real original character Peace Love Unity Respect
  • Though I signed up Blargg, S is the obvious winner :P

    ReznorsHammer Yoshi.jpgMGCRock MarioMario on Yoshi

  • S is original. Enough said. --SDMK
  • Firstly, S is my own character (( :P )), and second, Blargg isn't all that original. User:Heartphilia/Sig13
  • S is better than Blargg. AingeruBoBTenshiThanatosBoBHey yo!HypnosBoB
  • Honestly why did Blargg even get through the first round BabbyweegeeQyzxf Fawfulguydance
Votes for Blargg
  • Poor Blarg! His art alone is better than S's. And his name has more than one letter in it!! BTW got my sig fixed
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Battle 25: Frolo vs. Fruity

The electric hamster goes up against the talented toucan.

Votes for Frolo
  • Hammster with electrical powers vs. a bird? Obviously, Frolo can eletrify Toucan (is eletrify a english world? idk). LKY001LKY-001LKY001
  • Hamsters are better pets. And BTW, it's electrify.
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Votes for Fruity
  • Fruity starred in a game that is like Banjo-Kazooie. Insta-win. -Brock
  • I love both of them but Fruity has been one of my favourites ever since I joined the wiki. BabbyweegeeQyzxf Fawfulguydance

Battle 26: Ainhoa vs. Alice Harumi

We have here the mysterious girl who can stop time, and the powerful master of Spring.

Votes for Ainhoa
  • Per ML -Brock
  • She can stop time, instawin. 373px-Sonic pose 97 I'm the Knight of the wind 373px-Sonic pose 97
  • She is my character, but also i think she has more background than Alice. AingeruBoBTenshiThanatosBoBHey yo!HypnosBoB
  • I like both of them a lot so I guess I'll just vote for Ainhoa since she seems more powerful. BabbyweegeeQyzxf Fawfulguydance
  • Stops time = better, for sure.
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Votes for Alice Harumi

Battle 27: Hooly vs. Lunes

The rich squid goes up against the costume-using cat.

Votes for Hooly
Votes for Lunes
  • Per Lumoshi

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