This page shows the presentations of all Fritez Franchise's games for Fantendo World '13 and some partial info about them.

Hamster Havoc


Hello! I'd like to announce my next game called Kara-Kasa! It isn't yet made but I do know the gameplay. Much like Chibi-Robo It involves many indoor areas/backyard or whatever due to the main characters being animate objects. I know a Kara-Kasa is a living umbrella thing but I think I've read somewhere that it can also be a different object. Anywho the game is split into six adventures which each star one "Kara Kasa" and only half can be acssesed from the beginning. These adventures can be switched to and worked on whenever. Each adventure thing stars only one building that serves as the main location that adventure is played in.

The main goal in an adventure is to find the leader of the "Bad Kara-Kasa" or boss and defeat it. In order to get to it the player must solve oodles of puzzles, find keys and preform tasks. Along the way there are many enemies based on household objects too. Kara-Kasa's ganre is a 3D platformer meaning you can move and preform actions in a full 3D enviorment (of course). Not to mention each character has a special ability.

Undersea Spree

Ice Climber: Mysitc Mist

Paper Mario: The Forgotten Palace

Sugar Crush

Unamed-Meta Form

Yoshi's Island 3D

Hiya! Today I'll present a little sample of my new game that I adopted from the game orphanage Renardy. I know you know it's name but here it is, Yoshi's Island 3D! I know the page right now is practically worthless but bear with it. I've planned out the gameplay and stuffs too!

This is a 3D platformer. In a level the mission is to fill up a bar thing so it says 100% by collecting fruit. Some fruit fills more of the bar than others. After filling the bar Yoshi must go to the start of the level which is lit up like a beacon to

 play some sort of mini-game. Although along with the trip back many destruction and havoc happens like crumbling terrain, boulders and other blahblahblah. When he gets there the mini-game will be played with a baby, Action Mini-Games are played with Mario, Creepy with Luigi, Cooking with Peach, Dangerous with Wario and Musical with DK. There are 15 of these mini-games in the game each baby having three of them.

There are also various Power-Ups such as the Dash Pepper and the Bomb Grapes. Little  things Yoshi equips on his tongue are in the game. It is confirmed that there are two of those things so far: a Paintbrush and a Hook! An example of these things can be found here.