[Crowd cheers with excitement as Clover enters the stage] 

Hello, everyone again. This is our final presentation, Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit Unleashed.    

Mario Hot Pursuit Unleashed



When we first did the original Hot Pursuit, we wanted to take the classic Mario Kart and bring it to the next level. Now, we want to continue to revolutionize the Hot Pursuit franchise. We have brand new ideas. Instead of a single open-world environment like the previous games, now it is multiple large open-world environments.

We at Clover Entertainment, have done our research on the latest cars on the road today, so we can incorporate them into this game for the player to unlock, purchase and drive. The multiplayer mode in this one is bigger than ever. Now, you have the option of chatting with people through a wireless headset.  Not only that, you can roam the environments with other players, tearing through traffic at 90 MPH, and you can create or join gangs with other players. They have the option of ambushing enemy racers and racing with them in teams. You basically rule the city.

You can smash through the streets of the city, and for the first time, the destructible environments can actually be used to help you win the race. If you ram into a traffic car, it can flip over and cause another racer to crash.  All your favorite Mario characters are back as well. Each Mario character you choose actually has a certain affect on your car. If you choose Mario, your car is well-rounded. If you're Bowser, your car's strength increases 10 times its normal strength. If you're Yoshi or Luigi, your car is even faster.  

WII U Steering Wheel

The new Wii U Steering Wheel

Not only that, there is also the brand new Wii U Steering Wheel, to make it feel like you are actually driving the car. It makes racing a whole lot easier. If you want to drift, press the X button on the controller and turn the steering wheel in any direction to drift around tight corners. 

This game is going to be the best Hot Pursuit yet. Catch it October 29th for the Wii U.

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