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Welcome to an official presentation for Fantendo World '13,

Table Of Contents
1. VOLT: Powered-Up
6. Generation VI2
3. Pinti Land: Red Gale
4. Super Mario Adventure
5. The Legend of Zelda: Ghost Tracker


VOLT: Powered-Up 
So, everyone, thank you for coming to our very first conference at Fantendo World '13! As always, we are pleased to have you in attendance. Now, the first thing we want to discuss is a game that has already been released - VOLT: Powered-Up. Many people have discovered the game to be a "re-boot" of the VOLT series, and it very much is. However, Fantasize Studios still plans on continuing the franchise in the next trilogy, starting with VOLT: Seed, of which more info will be presented at the VOLT conference later on.

So, other then that confirmation, we have some more news relating to the game. Starting in July of 2013, we will be releasing DLC! Each pack of DLC will add additional worlds and levels. The very first DLC released, for example, will focus on the Burne Isles, full of volcanos and factories. Some DLC packs will even add new optional levels to existing worlds! Be on the lookout for these when they are released. In addition, for the first week after they are released, the DLC will be free!


Generation VI2 
Our next announcement is about the upcoming new Pokemon generation, Generation VI. 

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