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Fanten Expo is a fanon expo created by Brock Productions. It is currently ongoing.


Day Company Presentation
#1 Brock Productions VOLT: Powered-Up, Pokemon Generation VI2, Pinti Land: Red Gale/Blue Stream, Super Mario Bros. Adventure, The Legend of Zelda: Ghost Tracker
#1 Keyhole Gaming Pokémon Extreme Rumble, MegaMan ONline, Capcom vs. Sega: Battle of the Century and Digimon Revolution, D-Zolt and Volt: Lightning Strikes Twice, Keyhole Zombies and Mario: The Alternate World.
#1 Mega Studios Lets-a-go, Mario
#1 Fantasize Studios Fantendo: After Crisis, VOLT Seed, VOLT overview, Your Fantendoverse, Pokémon: Battle Phantoms, VOLT Online, Fantendo: Mission VirtuCard, Noir 2, THUNDERING SOULS!
#1 N Studios Next Gen Neo Console, New Game, Ultimate Koopa Battles 3, Shadows in Stars Arc 2
#1 Clover Entertainment Godzilla Universe Online, Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit Unleashed, Simcity 6
#1 VictoryStar Darmanitan Slam U, Swift the Groundhog, Fantendo Corruption, City Rush 2
#1 Midnight Pulse Studios Dualotrum, Pulse X, Pulse OS
#2 TalixArts Terras, Banditry, Pokémon Arena U, and Maven Versus 2
#2 ShouterBox Studios Fight!, Fantendo Kart Meele release date
#2 Dino Bino Inc. : Shadow Lands, Epic Mii, DJ Flask, Plunge R. The Chicken, Paper Mario: Bright Darkness, Flip The Frog
#2 Blecki Hearts Productions</span> New Untitled Fighting Game, Demise, A Tanuki's Tail, Mythical Eyes, Costume Hero: The Nine Nymphs
#2 Earth Entertainment Studios Nintendo Animated Universe, The Animated Legend of Link: Dark Deity (AAOL), Steven and Brian and Time Slower 2
#2 Fritez Franchise Kirby Adventure 3D,  Hamster Havoc, Undersea Spree, Ice Climber: Mystic Mist and Paper Mario: The Forgotten Palace
#2 Wario Inc.

Johnny Invasion, Unten DLC, The Watchers, Cybershock, Project Futa

#2 SuyoGames Pokemon Vermillion and Azure, Paper Mario: Twisted Time, Luigis Mansion U, Bytes series future, Noid and Noid II, and Super Mario Sunlight, Medieval Maze, Ice Climber: Age Of Ice, unknown game
#2 New Nintendo NSMBP, Luigi's Mansion: The Shadow Clock and Pokémon Cyan and Magent Version
#2 Moonlight Studios Pokémon Indigo and Violet, Pokémon Aquamarine, Pokémon Mystery Dungeons: Spirits of Zodiac, untitled Super Smash Bros., Moonlight Quest
#2 Project Eternity Battle of Bracelets 5, Night of Constellations, Kuria's Medieval World, Super Kyle Thunders 2, Battle for Eternity and other new games.
#2 X-Scissor Investigator S: Reverse Quantum Curse storyline things, Investigator S: Violet War, Pokémon Earth and Wind Versions, CakeOS, Fusion Games
#3 Electric Enterprises Dawn of Epic, Quest of the Ninja, Super Mario: Galactic Journey, Fantendo: Legends United, Kirby 3DS, Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions, and others (possibly)
#3 Shooting Star Studios Kirby's Dream Land 3D, Yoshi's Island: Baby Trouble!, Bombell: Explosive Quest, Paper Mario: The Mystic Fountain and others.
#2 Fantasy Factory Community, Boy in Blue, Dream Factory 2: Return to Subcon
#3 Creative Creations Inc. The Future of TRoD, Super Mario: Puzzle Quest, New Super Mario Bros. Galaxy 2, Wario World 2 (tentative title), Rhythm Race, Super Mario 3DS: A New Adventure
#3 Power Productions Step Store, Miyamoto Cross


All of the Fantendo World '13 news will be listed here.

  • Brockdilley

    Yep, you can start. Also if I lash out at someone today it's because my dad's in a bad mood, so yeah. I couldn't start today because I had to sing with my quior at a football game, so my aunt drove me and I stayed at her house for a night, therefore I couldn't look over the even because her laptop isn't very good with typing. So, yeah, anyway, start it now, please. I'll post it soon.

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  • Brockdilley

    Hello everyone! I would like to announce some dire news - Fantendo World will be postponed. But don't fret! It will be continued later on. I will soon be placing a timeline, showing who will present when, Day 1 being tommorrow after my starting presentation, Day 2 being Sunday, and Day 3 being Monday. If you post before your assigned date (at seen on the Fantendo World '13 page), I will replace everything with a copy-paste text and revert it at the alloted time (but don't please). Continued violation will make me contact a sysop about deleting it or something.

    So yeah, check your page, and post when I say. Also, if you're Day 1, DO NOT post until after my blog.

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  • Brockdilley

    Hello everyone! Once again I am announcing more news about the self-proclaimed marvelous upcoming event known only as Fantendo World '13!

    If you have signed-up for Fantendo World '13 as a presenter of any type, this has to do with you. 

    I am working on a big trailer to the event on this webstie called , where you can make your own videos for free. This is good and all, but there's one problem: I need pictures! As such, I have set a deadline to May 4th of which you can send in your pictures relating to the things you are presenting. Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you send at least 1 picture, but no more then 3 may be used.

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  • Brockdilley

    sorry or something

    April 28, 2013 by Brockdilley

    so, i guess yesterday me saying things about myself offended some people, so sorry i guess. or something. also this is a day late, but hope yall signed up for fantendo world 13, cuz signup time is over

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  • Brockdilley

    So, um, yeah. Guess I might as well explain the layouts of pages about Fantendo World. Or maybe not. So, yeah, I'll be posting an example page pretty soon, and that's what you should look at. Also... IMPORTANT: this year, the presentations will go on for three days, and each company will present on a different day. The days I choose will be random, unless someone wants a particular day for theirs. 

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  • Brockdilley
    I Guess this is a bit late, but whatever. So, yeah...</p>

    On April 27th, sign-ups for end

    Better start signing-up if you want to join. As a note, remember that if you have signed-up already, you can still add games past the sign-up deadline. However, all additions after May 4th (the day it starts), must be approved by me, or anyone else that wants to help.

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  • Brockdilley

    FW13 Sign-ups again

    March 24, 2013 by Brockdilley

    You heard me! I'm accepting sign-ups for Fantendo World 2013 right freaking now. But you better act now because this chance is disappearing fast! So seriously. Sign-ups end April 27th, 2013, a week before the presentation.</p>

    • Company Name
    • Games your presenting
    • Other info
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