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Well, welcome all & thanks for your visit, don't forgot about comments ! I'm Andromeda no Nanami, employee of Zentech Studios. I'm here to show my new game, with the help of My Amazing Boss.

What is " Fanten-World Online " ?

Fanten-World, is similar to Cartoon Network Universe : Fusionfall. It's a strategic game, with missions, action & suspens. In the concept, Fanten-World is a game when you can fight & make you friends, but in the adventures, a virus enter into Fanten-World & it's to you to save it !


Year 2022 - Florubis

" Welcome to Fanten-World, a social & interactive game, where you can share everything, everywhere & everytime, with all of the world.  Fanten-World is the most online game now, the MMORPGS & RPGS is die...'You can hear that sentence everywhere you go, and moment by moment it's annoying you.

This game has become international, there are even played by older, there are even tournaments around the world on this game....

Everyone plays ! "

Nobody knwos what they are waiting... ; Hacking, Bugs, Identifys Theft... While nobody was there never made it and now, a dark society going to destroy Fanten-World...



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