Fanten New
A Fanten
Current Age Undetermined
Gender Unspecified
Species Robot/Cyborg
Align Evil
Current Status Unknown
Fantens are robots created to form the bulk of the Anti-Unten Army. It is unspecified where they originated from or who created them. Their appearance is based off Unten and their main goals are eliminating Unten and his associates.


It is unknown when exactly Fantens were first encountered by anyone, however the first documented case was by a scientist by the name of Reginiyus who was exploring an abandoned cavern that was later discovered to be a factory, producing the Fanten until it was abandoned approximately 800 years after its rediscovery. When Reginiyus found the Fanten, most were inactive and he brought one that was of a different coloration, back assuming it to be a prototype or leader of the group.

During his investigation he was able to access the central intelligence chip inside the Fanten and found the wiring to be very basic, by adapting his own knowledge of mechatronics to the Fanten, he rewired its circuitry making it more advanced than its counterparts. The Fanten would later activate during the night to Reginiyus' surprise, the Fanten greeted him and it seemed due to Reginiyus' tampering it had lost any previous input commands, Reginiyus decided to name this Fanten, Vitae.

Meanwhile the other Fanten began re-activating with their main input commands still intact they began scanning for traces of Unten. It was during this time that Vitae remembered the other Fanten and explained that his primary function was originally to hunt down the being know as Unten, and this would be done at any cost. Reginiyus along with Vitae are able to gather up the small planet's inhabitants and escape before the other Fanten's reached them. The Fantens were not concerned with the escaping ship and instead began deconstructing the planet, converting it into a Radio Signal that was aimed at requesting information on Unten.

Notable Members


Vitae is a special Fanten, that was built before the others and was originally intended to act as the first true Fanten. However due to his circuitry being changed, he became more emotive and lost reasoning to follow his input commands. He aids the Scientist, Reginiyus in planning an evacuation of their planet from the Fantens and escapes with him to Deep Space.

Vitae's main plan along with Reginiyus is to find Unten and warn of the impending danger.