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Fante Ogdno is one of my trigger words.
The Fan

Fante Ogdno
Full Name Fante Ogdno
Gender Generic Failed Lab Experiment
Species OC, possibly a Weiner Dog?
Location Backstoryville (formerly)
Nowhere (currently)
Current Status Alive (unfortunately)
First Appearance It's Really Just Mario Kart
Latest Appearance Super Mario Maker (fanon)

Fante Ogdno is a thing. He claims to be the "mascot of Fantendo." He carries around an Unten mask, first seen in Super Mario Maker. Despite identifying as a generic failed lab experiment (which makes no sense because he isn't), Fante's pronouns are used as male. He is "literally the worst person in the Fantendoverse" according to the Fan. It is unknown, however, if he is actually considered a part of the Fantendoverse (or if he is part of the real Fantendoverse).


As the old Fantendoverse shattered, a piece of it broke off into its own splinter universe. This universe attached itself to many other universes, but omnipotent beings rejected it. The universe eventually grew too weak to exist with any others or by itself, so it collapsed entirely, somehow revamping itself into a (possibly) sentient being known as Fante Ogdno based on several other universes that it had been through although mostly the Fantendoverse directly in the center of the multiverse. Fante got bored of the multiverse within 2 minutes and decided to go to the Fantendoverse. He landed on some planet that isn't important in the town of Backstoryville, which, as described by the Fan, is not a real place and only exists as part of Fante's imagination. Fante became the "King" of Backstoryville, going to "war" with some nearby town. Leading the nonexistent army of Backstoryville, known by Fante as the "Arms Spaghetti," Fante and his kingdom fortunately lost. Fante then wanted to become some sort of deity because he felt that was his purpose in life, being the embodiment of a fallen semi-universe. He found the Fan, asking if he could. The Fan told him that he couldn't, and, after Fante repeatedly annoyed him, sent him away to the opposite side of the Fantendoverse. Fante honestly didn't care about this, and now his only goal in life is to find and ask the Fan random questions. He has achieved this goal at least 23 trillion times, resulting in the same thing every time. Sometimes, he visits other universes because he feels like it, including the time he wanted to drive a car in the Jerma universe, and the time that he felt like becoming Mario. It is unknown if Fante can actually die, possibly making him a deity in the first place. While searching for the Fan, Fante also tells people that he is the mascot of Fantendo.


Fante's head has one eye and a large mouth. That's it. He can only ever look left. His body is a blue rounded rectangle-shaped object with the letters "Fanttendo" written on it. He has two feet and no legs, arms, or hands. He does, however, have a "block" on his "shoulder" that functions similarly to a hand. His face and feet are taped to his body.


It's Really Just Mario Kart

Fante's first appearance is in It's Really Just Mario Kart. He was requested as a personified version of the Fantendo logo.

Super Mario Maker

Fante appears as a costume for Costume Mario, being costume F030. Upon getting the costume, the item roulette sound effect from It's Really Just Mario Kart (which is exactly the same as the item roulette sound effect from the Mario Kart games) plays. His jump sound effect is replaced by the fireball sound effect played backwards. His Super Star theme is replaced with the baby face sound effect being matched to the original Super Star theme. Upon completing a level, the game over theme is played. The game over theme is replaced by the first eleven notes of the beat of the DK Rap.


Fante has been revealed to have an appearance in Fisher.


Feel free to add your character to this section.

Everyone hates Fante, but this section exists anyways.

The Fan

The Fan absolutely hates Fante. Somehow, Fante has not noticed this yet, and thinks of the Fan as his "best friend." The Fan has tried to kill Fante multiple times, but it somehow doesn't work. Due to very vague descriptions by the Fan, the Enemy thinks that Fante is the Fan's imaginary friend as he hasn't seen him before.


Unten despises Fante, but not as much as the Fan. He once attempted to lock Fante in a mental asylum.

Leah Needlenam

Leah Needlenam doesn't even know that Fante exists despite being the character who has met Fante the most times other than the Fan.


Fante thinks that Fanti is his "evil twin clone." Fante's reason for believing this is unclear as he has told different stories to different people, but it's either because of their similar names or because it's spelled as "F-anti." He sometimes mistakes Fanti's name for "Enemyte." Fanti just thinks of Fante as a slight annoyance.


  • He once asked the Fan if the Fantendoverse could be renamed to the Ogdnodoverse.
  • Fante claims that his Unten mask is actually the head of the old Unten. He likes taping this mask to dinosaurs for some reason.
  • His original names include Fantendistort, Fantendoman, Fanten, and Fante Ndo.
  • He has no style, he has no grace.
  • He may be part of an alternate Fantendoverse as opposed to the new Fantendoverse although every event is mostly the same.
  • He does look right in Super Mario Maker, which may be a mistake.
  • He has met every major character in the Fantendoverse except for the Enemy.
  • Despite thinking that Fanti is his "evil twin clone," Fante does have a counterpart named Darkte Donutsteel with an almost identical origin, but instead originating from the Darktendoverse.


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