Fantasy: The Staff of Aktoz
Producer(s) CSketch
Genre(s) Adventure/Action/Comedy
Opening Theme Sukima Switch - Golden Time Lover
Original Language English - Spanish (Spain) - Spanish (Latinamerican) - Japanese
Season(s) 3
Status On-Going
 Fantasy: The Staff of Aktoz is a TV Show that revolves around a group of characters trying to find all magical treasures before a villain by the name of "Osk" gets them, the show is a mix of comedy and action.


Yume is an enormous land where people known as "Yumians" live in peace....well most of them there are some who aren't that nice...

One of these not-so-nice individuals happens to be part Ancestral God, and he wants something that he says it's his, The Staff of Aktoz, the most powerful artifact in existence, hidden away in Tower of Babel, an enormous tower that can only be accessed by collecting a certain amount of magical treasures, however most of these aren't in Yume, they are in Enkantria, a magical land where there are no rules.



Image Name Description
SketchNewExo Sketch Sketch is a young determined boy who's very loyal to his friends, see that paintbrush? It isn't any plain ol' paintbrush! It's Pincelle, she got trapped inside the paintbrush though she can still talk, not only that but it is also Sketch's weapon and main tool.
JaneShattered Jane Peterson Jane Peterson is a 16-year old girl, she's kind of an introvert but you could also say she's kind of insane, she is calm and cool most of the time though sometimes if she gets frustrated enough she may go into fits of rage or simply lose all sanity for a second or two, she uses an ice axe and two guns as weapons.
Alice Harumi FRL Alice Harumi Alice is very confident and kind, though she can get angry easily, she's a very dutiful girl, she can manipulate the Spring and use magic related to it.
Bombell Bombell Bombell is funny, kind and friendly, and he is very curious, this may get him into trouble sometimes, he has abilities related to explosions.
Ashlyn Ashlyn

Ashlyn may seem mysterious and dark in the outside however she's very loyal to her allies, she can use pyrokinetic magic to her advantage.

KidKiba Kid Kiba Kid Kiba is a mischevous and quirky vampire, though he can be serious when he needs to be, Kid Kiba can use his vampire abilities.
KoloroNEW Koloro Koloro is a happy and cheerful girl, she's always optimistic and likes doing new things, she has the power to manipulate paint.



Image Name Description Debut
Osk Osk is a dark and mysterious man who claims to be part Ancestral God, he has a grudge against said Ancestral Gods for "not giving him the spot he deserved", he now wants to take the Staff of Aktoz to "get his powers back and make the world the way it was supposed to be." Once Upon A Time
Thomas Crunch Thomas Crunch Thomas "MemeFox" Crunch was a normal businessman and the leader of a famous enterprise until the Danguro Virus latched onto him and corrupted him, since that day he got brand new poison powers. Bad Binary
Jake Bananas Endal the Monkey Endal is a monkey with many anger issues, some even call him insane, he has the special ability of benig able to create deadly weapons in minutes. Endal goes bananas!


Season 1 - Once Upon A Time in Yume

  • Once Upon A Time: Sketch and Jane team up to defeat Osk as he terrorizes their home-town, but end up being knocked out unconscious, that's when they wake up in a moderately big town known as "Kinjo", they start meeting the townspeople, but things don't go as planned when the duo realizes they may have brought darkness into the town.
  • Bad Binary: A computer virus has been going around Kinjo, crashing digital devices and causing chaos, but when it couldn't get worse, the gang finds out there's more to the virus when the leader of an enterprise, Thomas Crunch turns evil and gets brand new powers.
  • Enkantria: The gang gets ambushed by a swarm of dark monsters led by none other than Osk, when trying to chase after him they end up in the surreal world of Enkantria, where they must find out what Osk is planning and how to get out of there.
  • Sleepwalking Mastermind: A wave of crime hits Kinjo and the gang sets out to find out who is the cause of it all via a stake-out, they find out that the cause of it all is a particular cat known as "ScratchKat", who becomes a bank-robbing mastermind when he falls asleep, the gang must find a way to stop ScratchKat's "sleepwalking crimes".
  • Endal goes bananas!: Endal, after being defeated by Bowie, is ambushed by Osk, Endal survives the attack and secretly follows Osk to Enkantria, where he decides to steal one of it's many treasures to use it to kill Bowie, however he's stopped by the team and swears revenge on them, now the gang's got to deal with Endal before he destroys the city!
  • Hanamizu Flu: When Koloro catches the Hanamizu Flu, the gang has to take care of her but things go south pretty quickly when Bombell and Ashlyn also catch the Hanamizu Flu, and to top it all off there's Thomas Crunch attacking the city.