This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.
Immerse yourself in games.
the company slogan

Fantasize Studios
Company logo made by PabloDePablo (tbc)
Type of Company Game development
Founder(s) Pablo
Founded at/in 2001
Owner(s) Pablo

Fantasize Studios is a relatively small game developing company, founded by Pablo in 2001, and revived in 2013. It is his main company, having also worked with UniversalGaming Incorporated and Keyhole Gaming. Fantasize's mascot is Volt, the founder's main creation.

Games and Consoles





The founder of the company. He stands by the company's main focus- immersing players in the game.


The second member to join, he is the owner of Keyhole Gaming and one of Pablo's best friends.


Despite not actually making games very often/ever, Sprak joined the company mainly as an excuse for him to make art for Pablo's games.


The fourth member of the company. He owns SuyoGames.


The fifth member of the company. He's an employee in training.


The sixth member of the company. He owns Great Games, Inc. He joined to help Pablo with Slaughterbus.

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