Timer woke up. He looked at the clock. It was 2 in the afternoon.

Timer: Ack! I need to get up!

He rushed into his clothes and ran outside. No one was there. He searched the island and found no one. He went back in and heard snoring. He ran into Clyde's room and looked at the bed. Clyde was asleep. He looked at the clock. It said 9 in the morning.

Timer: Huh?

He went back to his room and tapped Mrs. P on the shoulder.

Mrs. P: Yes, dear?

Timer: My clock says it's 2, but Clyde's says it's 9. Which one is right?

Mrs. P: Clyde's. That clock has been 5 hours fast for years, but no one can fix it.

Timer sighed. He walked back to his bed, but then...

Player: WAKE UP TIME!!! Don't forget the trip to the jungle!

McBoo, Clyde, Karma and Purple Koopa Bro. got up. They got into adventure clothes and walked out of the hotel. Timer decided to follow. They soon arrived at Fanon Jungle, where they were going to go on an adventure. Timer stayed outside. Soon, he heard a scream and saw the five adventurers running home. He decided to go look.

A few hours later...

Timer: Wh-where am I?!

Voice: Grrrrowrrrrr...

Timer: H-h-huh?

Voice: (getting louder) Grrrrrrowwwwrrrrr!

Timer: W-w-w-w-w-w-who's there?!

Voice: (now very loud) RAGHERORGERANG!!!

Timer shrieked and ran off.

Voice: Teehee!

Flame walked out, laughing.

Voice: Grr...ooww...err...

Flame: You can stop now, 4.13.

Voice: Grrrrrr...owwwww...rrrrr...

Flame: Really, 4.13.

4.13: (walking from the direction the voice ISN'T coming from) I'm not doing anything.

They see red, evil looking eyes.


They ran off. Then, an evil looking bear walks out, and smiles at the camera.

Bear: Good trick, wasn't it?

The bear's head falls off to show Fire Master and 3.14. They walk off. It goes to the hotel where Mrs. P picks a letter off the front porch.

Mrs. P: Hm...It's to my customers from "Peanutjon"...WILL EVERYONE COME DOWN HERE?

They do, not knowing what's ahead of them...


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