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The next night, Timer has trouble sleeping.

Timer: Ugh...I'm so tired, but I can't sleep! Maybe Toadtool could help.

He walks into Toadtool's room.

Timer: Hey, Toadtool!

Toadtool: I'm trying to sleep here.

Timer: It's urgent!

Toadtool opens his eyes reluctantly.

Toadtool: What?

Timer: Make me an invention to help me sleep.

Toadtool: No.

Timer: Yes!

Toadtool: No!

Timer: YES!

Toadtool: NO!

Timer: YES!

Toadtool: NO!

McBoo: (walking into the room) What are you doing?

Timer: Trying to get Toadtool to make me an invention to help me sl-

He falls over, asleep.

McBoo: ...

Toadtool: Hey! Today we're going to the gym!

Everyone hears this and Toadtool and McBoo see a large mob running outside. They join them. They all soon arrive at the gym. Here they play tennis, go swimming, excercise, ect. They soon go home and see it's night time. They all go to bed.

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