Clyde woke up. He saw it was midnight.

Clyde: What woke me up?

He walked around the hotel and soon found McBoo, Flame and Player laughing their heads off. Karma soon walks up.

Karma: What are they doing?

Clyde: Laughing their heads off.

Karma: What did they do?

Clyde: I don't know.

They two go back to bed, and after a while go to sleep. At 5 AM...


Everyone throws a pillow at PKB.

PKB: Help!!! I'm drowning in pillows!

Player: No really! People are here!!!

Everyone except McBoo, Flame, Karma and Clyde get up and see Ybrik, Cherry, Banana Jr. and Fire Master walking towards them.

Yoshbert: Follow me.

The four follow Yoshbert up the stairs. Cherry goes into a small room only she can fit in, Ybrik goes to Clyde's room, Banana Jr. goes to McBoo's and Fire Master shares Yoshbert. At 2 PM...


Everyone else: NO!

PKB: It's 2!!! Time to go to the beach!

Everyone stampedes over PKB.

PKB: Help! I'm drowning in people!

They soon arrive at the beach and relax. They play a few games, go fishing and go swimming.

Karma: That was nice.

They see a small raft with a black dot on it.

McBoo: Who's that?

Toadtool grab a pair of binoculars he won in a game and looks.

Toadtool: It's Timer!

Player and Karma swim out and pull him in.

Karma: What happened?

Timer: Th-the boat s-sunk...

He faints. They bring him back to the hotel and put him in the hospital room where Mrs. P keeps him. The rest go to the pool. Karma decides to buy some groceries and PKB follows. They all go back to the hotel at 6, and then get out of their swimsuits and into their normal clothes.

Flame: Where will you keep that stuff?

Karma: Downstairs, in the kitchen.


Karma: Duh.

Flame faints. Karma goes downstairs and puts the food in the kitchen. She goes back upstairs to find everyone else asleep, so she goes to sleep as well.

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