The next day, 3.14 and 4.13 are still arguing and throwing pies at each other

3.14: (sleepily throws pie at 4.13) Take..this

4.13: Oh yeah....take th- th- (starts snoring)

3.14: Ugh, I'm so tir- tire- t- ZZZZ....

Player and McBoo watch from a window.

Player: Well, it's about time they stopped!

McBoo: Yeah, they were fighting all night. I think I heard Clyde complaining about them last night.

Player: I'm glad it's over.

McBoo: (gets a sly grin on his face)

Player: McBoo, what are you thinking?

McBoo: I just had this idea.

Player: Tell me.

McBoo: (whispers into Player's ear)

Player: Hey great idea!

Player and McBoo go to Karma's room and knock on the door. Flame opens it.

Flame: What do you want?

McBoo: Can I ask you something?

Flame: Certainly, come in.

McBoo tells Flame his idea and asks if Flame will help them.

Flame: Sounds good. I'll help.

McBoo: Excellent, oh this is gonna be good!


3.14: zzzzzzzzzzz.....

4.13: zzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Flame takes out a walkie-talkie

Flame: OK, 4.13 and 3.14 are still asleep, but I'll make sure.

Flame hides and pulls out a sack of pebbles.

Flame throws a pebble at 3.14

3.14: zzzzz...

Flame throws a pebble at 4.13

4.13: zzzzz...

Flame: Okay, their absolutely asleep. Flame Out.

McBoo: Good.

McBoo: Player, how is the stuff coming along?

Player: Great. I'll have it ready in about 4 more minutes. Player Out.

McBoo: Okay, I'll do my part now. McBoo Out

McBoo goes into their room and sets their alarm clock to 7:10

McBoo: That should do it.

Flame sneaks out of the room.

McBoo puts a monster mask on 3.14 and 4.13.

McBoo: Perfect, this is perfect!

McBoo follows Flame.

Player: Okay, McBoo. The stuff is ready. I'll sneak it into the room now. Player Out

Player sneaks into the room and puts 2 pies at the feet of their beds.

Player draws a funny picture on their stomachs and sneaks out.

Player then joins McBoo and Flame in the hallway.

Flame: What now?

McBoo: Now...we wait.

McBoo: It's 7:09. 3...2...1...


3.14 & 4.13: GAHHHHHHH!

They look at each other


They jump off their beds and land in the pies.

Both: ACK!

They slip and tumble down and up the hall and stairs.

They go into the bathroom and wash they stuff off.

Both: OK! Why'd you draw this picture on my stomach. Why you little....

They start fighting again.

McBoo, Player and Flame laugh uncontrollably for the rest of the day....

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