The next day... 3.14: Player, why do you have my toothbrush?

Player: I dropped mine down the drain, remember?

3.14: Oh, yeah... I'll go get 4.13's.

Minutes later...


3.14: I know, Player has mine.

Karma enters Karma: Look, stop fighting or (lifts her hand, ready to smack them) I'll smack you

Player enters.

Player: Here's your tooth- (notices that they're fighting.) I could always stop this arguing.

3.14, 4.13, and Karma: How?

Player: By sapping the Life-Energy from all of you.

All but Player: *gulp*

They all leave.


3.14: This is my side of the hot tub.

4.13: No, it's mine.

From his window, McBoo hears them.

McBoo: *giggles*.

McBoo goes to Player's room

McBoo: Hey, Player, can I borrow your screw attack?

Player: Sure.

McBoo takes the Screw Attack, and drops it out his window onto 4.13, 4.13 Screw Attacks into 3.14.

3.14: (Throws pie at 4.13) Why'd you do that?

4.13: (Throws pie back.) I didn't.

McBoo turns invisible and takes the screw attack, he returns it to Player.

McBoo: Thanks.

Everyone but 3.14 and 4.13 notice it's time for bed, so they go to sleep. 3.14 and 4.13 throw pies at each other all night...

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