It was a peaceful morning, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, & everyone was was getting along great..


3.14: Huh? Oh...Um.....Oops..I...

4.13: Why...Are...You...Using...My....TOOTHBRUSH?!

3.14: Err....Um.....I...I can explain.

4.13: GRRRRRR!!!!!!

4.13 chases 3.14 out of the bathroom & into McBoo's room.

3.14: Um...I..I'm sorry.

4.13: You bet you are!

McBoo: Um....Could you take this into your room?

But they can't hear him & just keep running around in circles.

McBoo: *Sighs* Why couldn't they have gotten a room with a bathroom?

3.14: Um...Well...You see.....I couldn't find my tothbrush...And..Um...I thought...Um....I could use yours...And...Um....Come back before you woke up..And...Um.....You wouldn't notice...

4.13: You're gonna pay!

McBoo: STOP IT!!!!

They both stop in shock.

3.14: .....Oh shoot, the ghost is gonna kill us.

4.13: Yeah, like I'm gonna be scared of a pink ghost.

McBoo: >_<

4.13: I..Um....Er...I meant...

McBoo: Never mind...I'm gonna take a walk.

Then Karma walks into the room.

Karma: I want my trophy back!

4.13: I found it, so it's mine!

Karma: No it's not!

4.13: Yes it is!

Karma: No it's not!

4.13: Yes it is!

Karma: NO IT'S NOT!

4.13: YES IT IS!

Then Player walks in.

P:layer: That's it! I can take it anymore! I've got a solution to your problem.

Player throws the trophy out the window and into the water.

Player: There, I fixed it.

Karma: >_<

4.13: >_<

Player: Uh oh...You guys are mad, aren't you?

4.13: You better run.

They chase Player out of the room & though the hotel.

McBoo: Ah, peace & quie-

Player runs into McBoo.

McBoo: Ow! Why did you do that?

Player: Sorry, no time to talk, gotta run!

Karma: You little! I want my trophy back!

4.13: It's my trophy!


Karma: Player took my trophy an-

4.13: It's my trophy!

Karma: Anyway, he threw it out the window.

Player: Hay! It was the only way I could get them to stop fighting!

McBoo: *Sighs* I'll get the trophy. Player, you're coming with me.

Player: Ok.

They go outside to try to find the trophy.

Player: Ah, today is a nice day. The sun is shinning, the bird are chir-

3.14 falls on player.

Player: OW!

McBoo: What are you doing here.

3.14: 4.13 threw mr out the window because I used his toothbrush.

Player: Why did you use his toothbrush?

3.14: Because I couldn't find mine.

Player: Oh, I used your toothbrush.

3.14: >_<

McBoo: Why did you do that?

Player: Because I dropped my toothbrush down the drain.

McBoo: *Sighs* Ok, let's find that trophy.

They go swimming all day, & finally find the trophy.

McBoo: There! We found it! Noe let's give give it back to Karma.

They go in the hotel & find that everyone is asleep. so they put the trophy in Karma's room & go to bed.

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