Everyone woke up. Fortunately, no one else had arrived. However, Player had gone missing. McBoo decided to look for him.

McBoo: Player? Player?! PLAYER?! PLAYER?!

No answer.

McBoo: Where is he?!

McBoo saw a giant store. He entered.

McBoo: Player?

Player: Yes?

McBoo: What are you doing here?!

Player: (walking towards McBoo carrying a lot of Metroid toys) Buying these.

McBoo: Where did you get the money?

Player: 4.13's safe he keeps in his room.

McBoo: Uh oh...


4.13: WHERE IS MY MONEY?!?!?!

3.14: Uh oh!

4.13: Did you steal it?

3.14: No!!!

4.13: Where is it?!

3.14: I don't know!

Back with McBoo and Player...

Player: Oops.

McBoo: Oh well. Let's go home.

They do. When they enter they hear shouting upstairs.

Karma: (upstairs) What do you mean you don't know where my User Olympics trophy is?

Flame: (upstairs) I mean I don't know!

Karma: Then who took it?

Flame: Not me!

McBoo looks at Player.

McBoo: Did you?

Player: No.

Karma: Oh. Here it is!

She walks into 4.13's room and grabs it, then returns to her's.

Player: Toldja!

4.13: Hey! Give that trophy back!

Karma: It's mine!

4.13: I found it!

Karma: I earned it!

4.13: Give it back!

McBoo: *sighs*

Player: Well, I'm going back to my room.

He does.

McBoo: Me too, I guess.

He walks by the arguing Karma and 4.13. They all see that it's time to go to bed and they do.

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