They woke up again.

Mrs. P: Karma, Clyde, Timer, Toadtool, 3.14, Yoshbert, Mick Cool! Work time!

The others went to the beach. FM and BJ started to follow, but Mrs. P stopped them.

Mrs. P: You two, too.

FM and BJ: Aw. . .

Mrs. P: Cherry and Ybrik, you watch for bloopers. I think I can trust you.

Cherry and Ybrik: Yes ma'am!

The others went to the beach. Meanwhile, FM was angrily muttering under his breath.

FM: "You two, too." Meh. How was I supposed to know Grooper was going to come?

BJ: You said the chant, remember?

FM: So what?

BJ: We agreed to say the chant when we want the Bloopers.

Suddenly they all saw PJ's small boat arriving.

Everyone: Huh?!

PJ runs up in terror when he sees the hotel.

PJ: What happened?

Karma: A Syndaquill that's allergic of Bloopers sneezed and it caught on fire, then it burnt down.

PJ: Well, stop your work! It's time for the SUPER CHALLENGE!

Timer: Oh right! I forgot about these. . .

Karma: Why am I here? Wasn't I deleted?

PJ: You're still in FV. Anyway, time to make teams!

Mrs. P: Uh, PJ, we need to rebuild the hotel. If you'll come back tomorrow, when we're done. . .

PJ: Well, ok. Seeya!

He left. The others went back to what they were doing. That night the hotel was rebuilt. They saw everything in it was unharmed and went back to sleep.

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