They all woke up.

Mrs. P: Karma, Clyde, Timer, Toadtool, 3.14, Yoshbert, Mick Cool! Start working!

They all did. Everyone else ran to the pool except Fire Master and Banana Jr., who went to the beach to watch for bloopers. Cindy, Ella, Ybrik and Cherry played tag.

Ybrik: This is fun! Yahoo-WOAH!

He bumped into Ella, knocking her over on top of Dashed, causing the three of them to start sinking. Player started panicking.

Player: What'll we do? They're sinking and none of us can swim! AAAH!!! What now? I'm scared!

4.13: . . .I can swim.

Player: Oh good! 4.13 can swim! But what if they've drowned already? AAAH!!! What now? I'm scared!

Cherry: . . .He's already saved them, Player.

Player: Oh no! He's already-wait, what? Yay!

4.13 and Cherry roll their eyes.

Meanwhile. . .

Fire Master: Let's relax, BJ. You know we told the Bloopers only to come back if we say "Blooper, blooper, I want Grooper"!

BJ: True. Well, ok.

They fell asleep, but then Grooper and his bloopers arrive.

Back with the pool gang. . .

Ella: What's wrong, Cindy? Don't you want to play tag?

Cindy: Synda. . .a. . .a. . .CHOO!!!

Ella jumped back as flames shot out of Cindy. Then she scowls.

Ella: Gr. . .I should've expected it.

She looks at the beach, and, sure enough, Grooper is hanging out of the water.

Ella: Come on, guys. We need to wake up a couple of people.

They all walked to the beach.

Meanwhile. . .

Karma: Clyde! Stop daydreaming! You're hammering your finger!

Clyde: What? Huh? OW!!! MY THUMB!!!

Karma: *giggles*

Timer: Clyde. . .haha. . .pay. . .haha. . .attention. . .haha.

They here shouting over at the beach.

Mick Cool: Listen. . .

Ella: Fire Master! You know you shouldn't be sleeping!

Ybrik: You too, BJ!

Mick Cool: Looks like we have some sleepyheads.

Everyone else laughs. That night, the hotel was mostly rebuilt.

Karma: Tomorrow it should be done.

They all slept in Yuki's beds.

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