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When everyone woke up Toadtool started rebuilding the hotel and everyone else started helping Cindy not be allergic of Bloopers by going to the beach to see some Bloopers.

Karma: Ok, Cindy, go swimming and see some Bloopers.

Cindy: Synda quill! Quill!

Mrs. P: She can't. She'll drown.

Karma: Oh yeah. She's a fire Pokemon.

Cindy: Quill synda! Syndaquill!

Mrs. P: Good idea! Blooper, blooper, I want Grooper!

Grooper: Coming!

Mrs. P: How many Bloopers are your friends?

Grooper: Oh, there are noodles of them.

Ella: Noodles?

Grooper: Yeah, you know, a lot?

Ella: Oh, you mean oodles. (WordGirl word defining music plays) Noodles are a type of food. Oodles means a lot of something. For example, there are a lot of things in the supermarket. Therefore, there are oodles of products. (Music ends)

Grooper: Oh, right. Well, I'll call them. BLOOPERS! COME!

Oodles of Bloopers come swimming in. Cindy starts to sneeze, but Karma holds her nose.

Karma: No sneezing.

Cindy nods. They stand there for an hour, then Karma lets go of her nose. Silence. More silence.

Karma: It worked!

Cindy: ACHOO!!!

Karma: . . .or not.

Cindy: Syndaquill!

Mrs. P: She has to help Toadtool. Let's go.

Cindy and Toadtool stayed up, but everyone else went to bed.

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