Clyde woke up to hear Baby Clyde screaming.

Clyde: Ugh. . .


Clyde woke up Mrs. P to tell her about Baby Clyde, but she didn't wake up. So he took care of him. Later that morning, everyone woke up to see the hotel is on fire again.

Mrs. P: What?! Already?!

They all put it out and wondered what had happened. How could the hotel have caught on fire two nights in a row? They decided to walk around, then 3.14 saw a fire coming out of the forest and heard a loud sneeze.

3.14: Huh?

He got the others and they went to the center of the forest and saw a Syndaquill.

3.14: A Syndaquill! Wow!

Syndaquill: ACHOO!!!

When it sneezed, fire shot up from it. That must of happened; the Syndaquill sneezed too close to the hotel and it caught on fire.

Karma: What's wrong, Syndaquill?

Syndaquill: Syndaquill! ACHOO!!!

Ella: It can't speak english. We need a Pokemon Trainer.

Mrs. P: Or a Pokemon.

She winked.

Everyone Else: Yay for Mrs. P!

Mrs. P: Quill synda syndaquill?

Syndaquill: Synda quill synda syndaquill.

Mrs. P: She said her name's Cindy and she's allergic to something on this island.

They walked around. When they got to the beach, Cindy started sneezing like crazy.

Karma: It must be on the beach!

Mrs. P: What about Grooper?

Grooper came out of the water.

Grooper: Did someone call?

Cindy sneezed even more.

Mrs. P: Grooper, I'm sorry but you must stay away from us until we can get Cindy to not be allergic of you.

Grooper: Cindy?

Mrs. P: This Syndaquill.

Cindy: ACHOO!!!

Grooper: Oh. I'm sorry, Cindy. I'll leave for awhile. Just shout "Blooper Blooper I want Grooper" if you need me!

They all went back to the gym. Cindy told them she would help rebuild the hotel, so they all slept soundly.

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