The vacationers woke up to a fire alarm.

3.14: Ella, turn off your alarm clock, it's only 6:00.

Ella: That's the fire alarm.

Karma: AAAAAH! FIRE!!!

Karma starts running around and screaming. She bumps into Mick Cool.

Mick Cool: Ow.

Karma: Sorry. FIRE!!!

She runs some more.

Ella: Let's run to the door!

Karma and Ella run to the door, with the others close behind. They run far away and see Toadtool and Mrs. P putting it out. By the time they succeed, the hotel is half burnt down. They all sigh.

Player: Where will we sleep?

Ybrik: Yeah! Where?

Mrs. P: Well, we could sleep in the gym until it's rebuilt. But who could build it.

Toadtool: I could, but I'd need someone big.

Ella was holding Baby Clyde, then she looks at him.

Ella: I have an idea!

Later, they watch as Toadtool and Grooper rebuild the hotel as the go to the beach.

Cherry: Seeya, guys!

They relax at the beach. By the time it's night, the hotel is half rebuilt. They go to the gym and lie down in some sleeping bags Mrs. P had bought. None of them slept well, but they slept.

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