They all woke up the next morning, sort of missing PKB. They quickly shook it off. Karma and Ella became friends again overnight. Mick Cool and Toadtool became great friends as well. Everyone decided to go to the beach. Karma and Ella played volleyball against Mick Cool and Toadtool, Clyde made sandcastles with Baby Clyde, and 3.14 and 4.13 went swimming. The others just relaxed. Suddenly, 3.14 found some alluminum foil.

3.14: Hey Ella!

Ella looked over at him.

3.14: I can bend metal too!

He bends the alluminum foil and Ella giggles, then returns to Karma. 3.14 returns to swimming. Clyde had fell over asleep, so Baby Clyde wandered off. McBoo's hat floated off his head, but he, too, was asleep. The hat landed upside-down in the ocean. Baby Clyde climbed in and the wind blew him into the ocean. A giant, green Blooper suddenly rose out of the ocean. Fortunately, Ella was grabbing the ball.


Everyone woke up and ran over. The giant green blooper was holding Baby Clyde very close to him. McBoo jumped into action. He floated carefully over the water. Then the Blooper noticed him. He started squirting water. McBoo skillfully dodged the attacks. Then he snatched Baby Clyde, and floated off. Then the blooper sucked up more water and started to squirt.


She jumped and pushed him out of the way, because the water didn't hurt her. She then swam over to the blooper and twisted it's tentacle.

Blooper: OW!

The blooper started crying. Feeling sorry for the blooper, Ella untwisted his tentacle and tried to make him feel better.

Ella: Why were you grabbing Baby Clyde?

Blooper: I was *sniff* trying to save him.

Baby Clyde started crying, as well.

Ella: Ah. I'm sorry. I thought you were going to eat him. What's your name?

Blooper (feeling better): I'm Grooper, relative of Gooper.

Ella nodded.

Ella: Well, it's getting late. We'll visit you tomorrow, Grooper.

Grooper: Ok, see you!

They all went home and fell asleep.

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