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They slept well all night, then woke up and went to the gym. Mrs. P was waiting.

Mrs. P: Yes, welcome back. Now, start writing.

Karma stepped up to the box.

Karma: You fight with me each day, you cheated in our soccer game. So long.

Timer: I've made a friendship, and I intend to keep it. I will help my best friend.

PKB: Buh-bye, me!

Mrs. P: Huh?

Ybrik: You-you! You played a trick on me! You thought of it, and I know it! Now I know NEVER to play Ghost Ball!

Cherry: Ybrik is right. You should go.

Dashed: You're annoying. Falling down the steps all the time, just plain annoying.

Clyde: I don't want to work for you! Your diapers stink!

Banana Jr.: Per Dashed.

Fire Master: A PEACE MAKER? No way! I hate peace! Now, go!

Baby Clyde: Cwumsy!

Yoshbert: You need to go. Always causing trouble, putting an eel in the hot tub to scare me. Goodbye.

Toadtool: You are clumsy. You could've ruined my Kiddie Pool!

Player: It was fun to scare you, but it's time for you to go.

3.14: You stole the left side of the bed!

4.13: You argued over the hot tub, bed, put a drawing on my stomach, you should leave.

McBoo: I want to leave. Goodbye, island.

Ella: You didn't let me and Karma argue! That's mean!

Mrs. P: Oh, great. Another tie! This time, between McBoo and Purple Koopa Bro.. Vote again.

Karma: I'll go with Ella.

Timer: Again, I'm with Karma.

Ybrik: You're clumsy. Goodbye.

Cherry: Ybrik's right.

Dashed: I'm after you, once again.

Clyde: I'd never vote for my best friend! So long!

Banana Jr.: Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy! Goodbye.

Fire Master: I'm doing it again.

Baby Clyde: You da cwumsiest! For da fird time, you wiw be da one I vote off.

Yoshbert: Huh...Peace maker, I guess.

Toadtool: I'm after you again!

Player: You didn't help me, and your clumsy.

3.14: You dropped a screw attack on me...or was it 4.13?

4.13: You made be get screw attacked...or was it 3.14?

Ella: Once again, you.

Mrs. P: The loser is...with 8 votes, PKB!!!

PKB: Whuh-huh?

PKB was pushed out to where the boat was, but instead of getting on he started swimming to the mainland. Mick Cool got off.

Mick Cool: Hi, I'll be replacing PKB.

They all went to bed.

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